Canon EOS RP
An executive from Canon hints at a mirrorless Canon camera for under $1,300. Image courtesy

An executive at Canon made huge news in a recent interview. The big headline from the interview was the potential for a cheap mirrorless camera under $1,300.

You read that right. Canon seemingly has plans for a full frame mirrorless camera that’s cheaper than the EOS RP. That’s really saying something because the RP is already considered an affordable mirrorless camera. Any mirrorless camera under $1,300 is a really big deal.

How low will Canon go?

Recently, EOS Magazine spoke with Michael Burnhill, European Technical Support Manager at Canon Europe. There the magazine asked him “Do you see a full frame camera coming in at a price below the RP?” Micheal Burnhill responded with “Yes.” So, while not completely confirming a camera, it’s pretty darn close.


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But with the RP costing $1,299, how much lower will Canon take its new mirrorless camera, if there is one coming. Will Canon cut out some features to lower the price?

Regardless, we do not know any other information other than Canon sees a future where mirrorless cameras will cost less than $1,300. We could be seeing such a camera soon from Canon. We could also very well never see such a camera. Only time will tell. At least we know it’s a possibility.

Image courtesy


  1. Canon already made a small mirrorless camera. It’s called the M50 and it is extremely underwhelming. And the RP is still relatively cheap. And also extremely underwhelming. Seems to be Canons thing lately. Just do what they always do but just way worse.

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