Canon unveils the PowerShot V10 for 4K vlogging

Canon just announced the Canon PowerShot V10. This camera boasts a compact form factor, but don’t let its size fool you. It can shoot high-quality 4K video while also being small enough to fit right in your pocket.

Designed with the vlogging community in mind, the PowerShot V10 incorporates components from the popular G-Series line while retaining a high level of portability and ease of use.

A look at the Canon PowerShot V10

Image courtesy: Canon

Equipped with a one-inch CMOS sensor and a fixed 19 mm wide-angle lens, the V10 can capture large groups in its frame. Its in-built stand adds to its convenience, allowing you to shoot from different angles. Its stereo microphones ensure high-quality sound capture. Also, the camera comes equipped with autofocus and face detection. As for its display, it’s a 2.0-inch TFT color, liquid-crystal monitor with a screen aspect ratio of 3:2. The display has a dot count of about 460,000 dots and has a flip-up screen design.

Livestreaming and more

The Canon PowerShot V10 comes with livestreaming capabilities and UVC support. So, it can act as your web camera without the need for additional drivers. Plus, it features vertical mode and support for HDMI out. This allows for quick and easy sharing on larger screens.


Image courtesy: Canon

The camera comes equipped with a suite of 14 built-in color filters. These offer a broad palette of moods to suit any scene, helping you craft just the right aesthetic for your content. Beyond the standard color filters, there’s a special addition that sets the PowerShot V10 apart. The camera includes an automatic Neutral Density filter.

What We Think

Overall, the PowerShot V10 seems to offer an impressive suite of features for its price point. It balances performance and portability, making it an excellent choice for aspiring videographers and vloggers. It seems easy to use for beginners, all the while still capturing quality-looking 4K video.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon PowerShot V10 is priced at $429 and is available now.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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