EOS C500 Mark II

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II picks up where the EOS C500 left off. Canon believes the sequel’s better than the original. The specs suggest that might be true.

Canon EOS C500 Mark II cinema camera comes with new features like a 5.9K Full Frame CMOS sensor, user-changeable lens mounts, electronic image stabilization, internal cinema RAW light recording and the new DIGIC DV 7 Image Processor.

Video shooting

With its 5.9K full-frame sensor, the C500 Mark II shoots up to 5.9K at 60fps with 15 stops of dynamic range. Additionally, it can shoot up to 120fps in 2K. It has the new DIGIC DC 7 image processor that “allows for more fluid and efficient recording” of 4K and HDR, according to Canon.


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EOS C500 Mark II's body
EOS C500 Mark II’s body

Additionally, the camera features Cinema Raw Light. First introduced in the C200 with about one-third to one-fifth of a typical Cinema RAW file.

Changing the lens mount

A first for a Canon camera, you can change the lens mount without needing a Canon service center. The EOS C500 Mark II can be bought with a standard EF mount and then have the option to buy either EF-lock or PL mounts and change it yourself.


Canon says the camera is “quite modular.” It features a 4.3-inch LCD monitor and a GR-V1 grip. Depending on your use, because you can build out the camera, the EVF-V70 electronic viewfinder, SU-15 shoulder support unit and EU-V1 and EU-V2 expansion units are all available to be purchased separately. The expansion units allow for gen-lock, sync out, remote use and ethernet connection, while EU-V2 expansion unit features all of those functions plus a V-mount battery connection, along with two analog XLR audio ports and a 24v DC Out.

According to Canon, the EOS C500 Mark II is "quite modular"
According to Canon, the EOS C500 Mark II is “quite modular”


  • 4K and 2K 4:2:2 10-bit XF-AVC internal capture and 5.9K oversampling for 4K
  • 2 CFexpress media card slots
  • Compatibility with EF and PL lenses as well as anamorphic and spherical lenses
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with the ability for Touch and Face detection AF
  • First Canon cinema camera with 5-axis electronic image stabilization
  • Support for Canon Log 2 and 3 Gamma
  • 4 channel recording that supports 4 XLR inputs with the use of the EU-V2 expansion unit
  • User LUT allowing users to upload and apply custom LUTs

Pricing and availability

The Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II will be released in December 2019 for $15,999. Visit cinemaeos.usa.canon.com to learn more.