Canon has a interesting idea for its Outdoor Activity Camera

At this year’s CP+ 2019 in Japan, Canon presented a concept for a future activity camera that sports a prominent carabiner built right into the camera body.

Here’s a video from highlighting the camera’s prototype:

Sensor and image quality

Currently, there’s nothing really to report on about the Outdoor Activity Camera’s specs. After all, it’s a concept that’s still in its development stage. The device that was presented at CP+ 2019 was a prototype — so nothing definite. saw the prototype in person but unfortunately couldn’t get to scoop on the camera’s sensor. However, they suspect it will be similar to GoPro’s 1/2.3” sensor size. They did report that the camera will support 1080p 60fps recording when it’s released.

Canon’s Outdoor Activity Camera can go where smartphones can’t

Canon says this camera is meant for situations where it is difficult for smartphones to take videos and photos. How durable will this camera be? Well, snowy mountains, swimming pools and sea sides were mentioned at CP+ 2019, so we expect it is fairly durable. Plus, it has a carabiner on its side so it to be clipped on in many situations.

The Outdoor Activity Camera’s design

The front cover is removable thanks to magnets. With this camera, Canon aims to offer a design that lets users easily exchange the front panel and customize the look the camera. The camera will also have the ability to float if dropped into water, like GoPro cameras.

The Canon Outdoor Activity Camera’s front cover is removable. Open image courtesy

On the back, there is a dial switch that can move between camera modes. The camera uses microSD cards to record data.

Pricing and availability

There is currently no info about price or a release date for Canon’s Outdoor Activity Camera. It is still just a concept. The price shouldn’t be too high, though, considering the camer’s target audience.

Open image courtesy

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Sean Berry
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