Canon fixes a major video bug found in R6 update

This week, Canon released three firmware updates for the EOS R6, EOS R5 and 1DX Mark. Not long after releasing the updates, users discovered a major bug in the R6 update. The bug appears when users attempt to shoot Full HD video on the R6 when using certain settings.

According to DPReview, it didn’t take Canon long to discover the bug. In just 24 hours after releasing the R6’s 1.3.0 firmware update, Canon took the update down from its website. At first, it was unclear why Canon took down the update. It didn’t issue any explanation. Now, we know Canon took it down due to a major bug when shooting in Full HD Video in high-speed modes on the R6.

The 1.3.0 R6 update causes a critical video bug

In a video posted to a Chinese social media site named BillBill, the bug appears to force the R6 to lock up when shooting Full HD video in high-speed modes. The R6 will display an error message: “Err 70.” The error will occur if you recording high-framerate video in the camera’s crop mode.

There is a way to unlock your camera. If you pull out the camera’s battery and put it back in, your camera will function normally. However, this doesn’t fix the bug. So if you shoot Full HD video with the same modes, your camera will lock up again.

Canon jumps into action

Thankfully, it didn’t take Canon long to find a solution to the R6 update bug. In just a day, Canon found a fix for the bug and released firmware version 1.3.1. The new update will deliver everything 1.3.0 update offered, along with the bug fix. It’s good Canon jumped on the issue as fast as it did because this was a major issue for videographers.

If you’ve already installed the R6 update version 1.3.0, be sure to install the 1.3.1 version on your R6. Otherwise, you could run into the Full HD video bug.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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