Audio-Technica AT8015 Shotgun is the best budget microphone

The Audio-Technica AT8015 Shotgun has proven to us it is currently the best budget microphone, offering the most features for the lowest price.

Editor's Choice Award

To give you an overview of this mic, the Audio-Technica AT8015 Shotgun is a line gradient condenser, phantom or battery-powered, shotgun mic. It’s primary focus is to capture over long distances. It is positioned to do that thanks to its sound rejection design, rejecting sound coming from the sides and the rear. With its ability to capture sound from long distances, it can be used in a number of situations. Those working in TV broadcasts can use it to capture audio of a news reporter or interviewee. Also, those working on professional or personal video projects should be able to use this mic to capture audio clearly without having to get the mic in the shot. Its versatility at a low price is one of the reasons it is the best budget microphone out there right now.

AT8015 Shotgun features a roll-off position switch

Additionally, the AT8015 Shotgun features a roll-off position switch. What does this switch do? It reduces the pickup of low-frequency ambient noise. So, for instance, the mic will cancel out anything like traffic, room reverberation and mechanically coupled vibrations.

It’s the best budget microphone, but it comes with more

When you purchase the Audio-Technica AT8015 Shotgun, you also will receive a stand clamp, a 5/8″ to 3/8″ adapter, a windscreen, an AA battery, and a protective carrying case. The mic is powered by 1 AA battery, so you will be able to use the mic right when you get it.

Audio-Technica AT8015 kit
Here is what you get when you buy the Audio-Technica AT8015


  • Sound Field: Mono
  • Operating Principle: Line Gradient
  • Capsule: Condenser
  • Maximum SPL: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 250 Ohms ± 1%
  • Technica AT8015 Shotgun’s frequency range: 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB
  • Dynamic Range: 110 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 72 dB
  • THD: 1%
  • Dimensions: ø: 0.83 x L: 18.1″ / ø: 21 x L: 459.74 mm
  • Weight: 6.9 oz / 195.62 g


Of course, one of the huge factors in picking the best budget microphone is the mic’s price. You can get the Audio-Technica AT8015 for $299. Considering everything that it offers, it is our clear Editor’s Choice as the current best budget mic.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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