Atomos reveals Neon line of 4K HDR monitors

Atomos has just introduced a line of 4K HDR field monitors/recorders called Neon and these Neon monitors come in four sizes: 17-, 24-, 31- and 55-inches.

Each of the four of the sizes scratches a different itch for video creators. The Neon17 is described as a “on-set buddy reference monitor for laptops” and for “focus pullers.” The Neon24 and Neon31 look to support video villages, DITs, cinematographers, editors and directors. They also should work as a reference monitor for an iMac or Mac Pro. As for the Neon55, it’s a monitor for color graders, clients and showrooms.

Key features of the Atomos Neon monitors

Neon monitors are controlled by an app

The Neon line intentionally avoids touchscreen operations. Instead, it is Bluetooth controlled by Atomos’ iOS App. The app can control 4K recording, syncing and playback on up to 1000+ Neons through Bluetooth. It also handles tools like focus peaking, exposure, calibration, zoom, waveform monitor, RGB monitor, vectorscope and LUT selection.

Additionally, you should be able to save time using the app. Atomos says “The App also shortens the time between capture and final edit.” This will allow for real-time playback of captured shots at up to 4Kp60 in ProRes RAW, ProRes, Avid DNx and Cinema DNG.

Atomos' app can control 4K recording, syncing and playback on the Neon monitors
Atomos’ app can control 4K recording, syncing and playback on the Neon monitors. Image courtesy Atomos.

Record RAW and Dolby Vision HDR

Neons’ AtomOS 10 software automatically looks at the image, queries the TV, and applies the right Dolby color and brightness profiles in real-time.

The Neon line also captures ProRes RAW video. It should give creators the ability to retain high-quality content without having to slow down their editing process.

Zone backlight tech

The entire line of Neon uses Atomos’ Dynamic AtomHDR technology. That provides the monitors up to 512 zone backlights. Plus, they offer a contrast ratio from one to a million gradations on the daylight viewable anti-reflection 1000 nit displays.

One of Atomos' Neon monitors
The Neon monitors offer a contrast ratio from one to a million gradations. Image courtesy Atomos.

Faster online export

According to Atomos, the Neon line simplifies the online process using ProRes Raw. It eliminates conforming through an online and offline process. So, different exhibition formats can be exported without the need for separate conforms.


The monitors are built with an aluminum chassis and polycarbonate back plate. Additionally, they come with a custom designed high-performance crush-proof and water-tight road case

Pricing and availability

The Neon17 and Neon24 will be out in August 2019 for $3,999 and 6,499 respectively. The Neon31 and Neon55 will be out September 2019 for $7,999 and $16,999 respectively. You can learn more at Atomos’ website.

Image courtesy Atomos

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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