Apple’s updates iPad Air and iPad Mini with support for Pencil

Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini are back with some significant upgrades. Both are overdue for upgrades, luckily it seems the new models don’t disappoint.

Apple Pencil and keyboard support

The new models of the Air and Mini will offer keyboard support, which is a first. Also, they will both work with Apple Pencil. Users will now be able to draw and write down notes directly onto their iPad. That’s great news for creative content creators. This is the first upgrade Apple’s made to the iPad mini since 2015. Now four years later, it’s getting a few features that we’ve seen in the iPad Pro. So, when you thought Apple’s iPad Mini was dead, Apple’s revived it.

Screen upgrades

Reportedly, the new iPad Air features an “ultra-thin 10.5-inch design.” Plus, it’s Retina display should be larger and more vibrant. As for the iPad mini, it features the Apple’s fastest A12 Bionic chip.

Now for the iPad Mini, its screen will stay the same size, which is 7.9-inch screen.

Camera improvements

Both of the iPad’s cameras have received improvements to its low-light performance. Additionally, the cameras advanced sensors for AR have been improved as well.

Both the new models of the iPads record 1080p HD video.

iPad being drawn on with Apple Pencil
You can now draw directly onto the iPad with the Apple Pencil. Image courtesy TicToc by Bloomberg.

Apple kept the announcement quiet

What is interesting about this announcement for the iPads is that Apple didn’t make a big deal about it. Typically, Apple announces new products in a big event, but instead it announced these models in a press announcement. Apple had this to say about its quiet announcement:

“Apple wants to get the iPad out of the way so it can hold its first event truly focused on streaming,” Lauren Guenveur, a senior research analyst at the International Data Corporation told CNN Business. “If Apple announced new Pads, it would turn into a hardware event, and that’s not what it wants.”

Pricing and availability

The bigger display iPad Air’s price will start at $499 for the WiFi model and the WiFi and cellular device. The iPad mono will start at $399.

Image courtesy TicToc by Bloomberg and Tim Cook.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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