Apple gets serious about video with the iPhone 13

The next flagship iPhone, which logically may be called the iPhone 13, is reportedly on its way, and it looks like Apple’s focusing on video. Based on reports from Bloomberg (but not yet confirmed by Apple), the smartphone is reminiscent of a videographer’s dream phone.

A potentially key upgrade that may be included in the iPhone 13 is ProRes video support. However, there’s also talk of a new video mode that will help users capture “cinematic” video. So, is there enough here to effectively deliver a professional, cinematic video? Here’s what we think.

The iPhone 13 utilizes what Apple’s learned from Portrait photography mode

One of the best aspects of Apple’s Portrait modes, debuting in the iPhone 7 Plus, was its ability to blur the background with bokeh and still keep the subject in the foreground in focus. It now looks like Apple will take what it’s learned from Portrait mode and apply it to video. If it can pull off a similar effect in portrait mode, the iPhone 13 should be able to create a cinematic-effects when shooting video.

ProRes video recording on the iPhone 13

What’s most exciting to us is the iPhone 13’s new support for ProRes video recording. While achieving a cinematic look is the most enticing part of the smartphone’s shooting abilities, ProRes will impact the quality of the iPhone’s video. We’re excited to see the quality boost that it’s going to bring to the iPhone line.

New filter system

Currently, we don’t know too much about the iPhone 13’s new filter system. According to Bloomberg, the system improves the look and color of photos shot using the iPhone.

How well will the smartphone sell?

Typically, the camera is a major selling point for smartphones. With Apple apparently focusing more on video and photography with the iPhone 13, we’re sure it’s going to be a hot seller when it releases.

As for its popularity in the videography community, its ProRes video support will make it intriguing, allowing professionals to record in either HD or 4K resolutions. It should result in a potentially massive quality boost, one that will have Apple users everywhere scrambling to pick up the latest iteration of the company’s incredibly popular smartphone.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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