Editor working on an Apple iMac
Apple doubles its iMac performance. Image courtesy apple.com.

Today, Apple unveiled an update to its line of iMac computers that will double their performance.

The update will give the 27-inch iMac up to 8-core Intel 9th generation processors, which is a first for the line. Also, the 21.5-inch will now have up to 8th-generation quad-core and 6-core processors. Plus, a Vega graphics option will be offered that should deliver “dramatic increases in both compute and graphics performance,” according to Apple. So, right off the bat, anyone using the new iMac models should see a big boost in speed, even when working on demanding projects.

“Customers are going to love the huge boost in iMac performance. With up to 8-core processors and powerful Vega graphics, the iMac lineup is stronger than ever,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac Product Marketing. “With its stunning Retina display, amazing design, twice the performance, and macOS Mojave that our customers love, iMac is by far the best desktop in the world.”

8-Core Intel 9th-Generation Processors

No matter if you’re making a video, editing photos or playing one of today’s high-end games, Apple says the iMac will still be fast. To get more specific, here’s the breakdown for which iMacs are getting what:

  • The 21.5-inch model will now have 8th-generation quad-core and 6-core processors. This will increase the computer’s performance by 60 percent.
  • The 27-inch model will feature up to 9th-generation 6-core and 8-core processors. The performance is 2.4 times faster.
Apple iMac
Apple claims the iMac will be great for video editing thanks to its faster processors and graphics. Image courtesy apple.com.

50 percent faster graphics performance

The 21.5-inch model will offer up to 80 percent faster graphics performance with Radeon Pro Vega graphics. As for the 27-inch model with Radeon Pro Vega, it will deliver up to 50 percent faster graphics performance.

Pricing and availability

The new 21.5-inch iMac’s price will start at $1,299 and the new 27-inch iMac will start at $1,799. Both models are open for order at apple.com.

Image courtesy apple.com


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