AKG announces AKG K361 and K371 studio headphones

The new AKG K361 and K371 headphones look to bridge the gap between pro and consumer headphones for all types of content creators.

These two headphones claim to be the first professional headphones to use a new oval earcup shape. The oval earcups should provide “a more comfortable fit” and “better frequency response” by having a better alignment with the wearer’s head. The earcups also swivel 90 degrees for single-ear monitoring.

“AKG K361 and K371 headphones combine professional sound quality with the long-wearing comfort and portability of traditional consumer headphones, giving artists, engineers, podcasters, video editors or content producers the freedom and flexibility to create their best work anywhere,” said Chris Hansen, Director Recording and Broadcast, HARMAN Professional Solutions.

AKG K361 headphones
AKG K361 headphones

Overview of the AKG K361 and K371

Alongside the oval earcup shape, both of the headphones are equipped with 55 mm drivers and pure oxygen-free copper voice coils. These coils should bring better clarity, detail and acoustic precision.

AKG says that K361 “delivers clear, detailed and balanced lows, mids and highs” across the 15 Hz to 28 kHz frequency range. As for the K371, its frequency range runs from a stunning 5 Hz to 40 kHz. Also, the K371 is tuned to AKG’s Reference Response curve.

Isolate the noise

With an over-ear, closed-back design, the headphones block out many noisy environments. Additionally, they’re made with plush slow-retention foam pads for comfort and less low-frequency leakage.

AKG K371 headphones
AKG K371 headphones

Durability of the AKG K361 and K371

It seems you won’t have to worry about the K361 and K371’s longevity. Both have passes “rigorous” stress tests and survived “the most demanding” conditions, according to AKG.

Pricing and availability

The K371 and K361 will be out in late July for $149 and $99 respectively.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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