AJA updates its Ki Pro GO and Ki Pro Ultra Plus

AJA has just revealed two new firmware upgrades for the Ki Pro line of file-based recorders. Specifically, the Ki Pro GO and Ki Pro Ultra Plus will be receiving these firmware updates.

The v1.5 firmware update adds timecode recording and playback to the Ki Pro GO. That’s not all the firmware is bringing though. It also expands primary and backup recording to all USB ports and adds new clip naming and segment recording. As for the Ki Pro Ultra Plus, v5.0 adds a new Infinite Recording feature, allowing it to be a running backup recorder.

Let’s take a look at both updates individually:


The AJA Ki Pro GO, AJA’s multi-channel H.264 recorder and player, will record and play video with timecode with the v1.5 firmware update. The timecode can originate from an incoming SDI video’s RP188 data. It can be recorded as the time of date or be specified to start at a specific hour. During playback, timecode values are automatically embedded as RP188 data on Ki Pro GO’s SDI outputs.

Additionally, the v1.5 update expands backup and primary recording to all five USB ports. Also, it adds new clip naming and segment recording. The unit will automatically create file names for each clip and also will identify each segment of a continuous recording.

AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus

The Ki Pro Ultra Plus, a multi-channel and single-channel recorder, is getting a number of performance enhancements in the v5.0 firmware update. Additionally, it is getting a new Infinite Record mode that will automatically capture all footage. So it will act as a backup recorder. The Infinite Record mode does feature automatic formatting and rollover to both AJA Pak Media slots for uninterrupted recording.

Pricing and availability

Ki Pro GO v1.5 and Ki Pro Ultra Plus v5.0 updates will be out soon as a free download from AJA’s support page.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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