AJA 12G-AM transmits 12G-SDI signals over long distances

AJA announced a new 12G-SDI eight-channel AES audio embedder/disembedder converter this week. The AJA 12G-AM is available now in five Fiber model variations.

The 12G-AM is an eight-channel AES audio embedder/disembedder. It’s capable of supporting 12G-SDI BNC inputs and outputs of up to 4K/UltraHD. Two of the available model options include the LC Fiber and ST Fiber. These model options can transmit and receive 12G-SDI signals up to 10km away through a single optical cable. Additionally, with 12G-AM, audio embed/disembed functions are simultaneously active and its eight-channel balanced XLR input and outputs are served through the system’s breakout cable.

“To further simplify production and streamline workflows with single-cable transport solutions, we’re bolstering our product line-up of 12G-SDI Mini-Converters with the new 12G-AM and LC fiber and ST Fiber models, featuring rugged reliability and conversion power within a portable and compact device,” says Nick Rashby, president at AJA Video Systems.

AJA Mini-Config v2.26.0 free software update

AJA also released a new Mini-Config v2.26.0 free software update. This update adds support for 12G-AM and all Fiber models by enabling control and configuration through USB. Mini-Converters ship with a universal power supply as well.

Pricing and availability

All 12G-AM and all Fiber models are out now. Here’s a price breakdown for all model options:

  • 12G-AM: $995
  • 12G-AM-R: $1,295
  • 12G-AM-R-ST: $1,395
  • 12G-AM-T: $1,295
  • 12G-AM-T-ST: $1,395
  • 12G-AM-TR: $1,395

As for the AJA Mini-Config v2.26.0 software, you can download it now for free on the official AJA website.

Image courtesy: AJA

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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