Adobe Premiere will now automatically fix bad dialogue recordings with AI

Adobe has announced the latest updates to the video programs in its Creative Cloud Suite. In addition, Adobe also announced updates to

Adobe Premiere Pro – improved performance

Adobe said that the beta of Premiere Pro 24.0 has a five-times faster timeline performance compared to version 23.4 of the program. The latest version also has improved reliability. You can use the Effects Manager to troubleshoot incompatible plug-ins and seamlessly pick up where you left off with automatic recovery. In addition, Adobe has delivered new code optimizations and modernizations for Premiere Pro.

Text-Based editing

Adobe launched its AI-powered Text-Based editing feature for Premiere Pro in May this year. With it, you can create a rough cut by simply copying and pasting text from a transcript of an interview. Adobe has also now developed filler word detection which automatically identifies “ums” and “uhs.” You can then delete all these filler words with a single click, even when using multi-channel audio files. Adobe said this was the top user-requested addition to Text-Based editing.

Enhance speech

The new Enhance Speech feature in Premiere Pro was the top user request from Adobe Podcast. You can now remove noise from voice recordings with a single click. The feature also uses AI to categorize audio and make voices sound like they were recorded in a professional studio.

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Better color

Adobe said that Premiere Pro now has improved Automatic Tone Mapping with three new tone mapping methods. There are also new consolidated settings in the Lumetri Color panels and improved LUT management and relinking. In addition, Adobe said there is now a QuickTime gamma fix. This is to deal with a known issue with QuickTime which causes the contrast to change when a project is exported.

Other community requests

Adobe set out other new features and improvements which have been developed in response to users’ requests. These include a metadata and timecode burn-in effect and project templates for fast setup. Adobe has also added custom exports across projects, Blackmagic RAW installer guidance and batch selection of markers.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe said that After Effects is now a true 3D workspace for motion graphics. You can import, animate, light, shade and render 3D models. After Effects can also combine models with 2D elements in the new, true 3D workspace. In addition, you can achieve photo-real results with the new high-performance GPU-accelerated engine. Adobe is also making free curated Substance 3D assets available via Creative Cloud libraries.

Improved rotoscoping

A lot of effects work involves separating foreground elements from the background using a technique called rotoscoping. After Effects now has AI-powered rotoscoping so you can cut out objects faster and more accurately. Adobe also says that the new feature works better on hard to roto objects including overlapping limbs, hair and transparent elements.

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Adobe acquired the online collaboration platform back in 2021. The latest updates give users more ways to compare, review, and approve elements of their projects. For example, you can compare any two video, audio, image or PDF assets side by side. You can also comment and annotate the media as you compare. The comparison feature is easily accessible as you simply select any two matching media types in a folder. In addition, you can view any version stack as a side-by-side comparison.

Camera to Cloud

Adobe has added five new Camera to Cloud (C2C) connections to These are suitable for filmmakers and photographers, as well as the news and sports media. If you work with the Atomos Ninja or Ninja Ultra, there are also new ProRes RAW and 10-bit 4K workflows. In addition, 102-megapixel photography and 8K video are supported with the Fujifilm GFX-100ii. With the launch of the ultra-affordable Accsoon Seemo and Seemo Pro, C2C is now available for any video camera.


Adobe has also announced Storage Connect to connect your Amazon AWS S3 bucket directly to You can maintain data custody and compliance while controlling and reducing storage costs by up to 60%. It also gives 100% upload, transcoding and performance parity. Importantly, Adobe says it is easy to set up and fast to onboard.

What we think

The Adobe subscription model for Creative Cloud has not proved universally popular. However, it does mean that new features and updates are made available to users as soon as they are released. The Text-Based editing and filler word detection in Premiere Pro will make rough cutting so much faster, especially when cutting interviews. It’s also great to see so many new features being implemented in response to user requests. In addition, the move to make After Effects a true 3D workspace for motion graphics will make complex compositions easier to achieve. While is primarily aimed at larger organizations and productions, it’s great to see entry level products such as those from Accsoon making the technology available to more video makers.

Pricing and availability

Adobe says that the beta versions of the programs will be available from September 13th with the full releases to follow in Fall 2023.

Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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