Adobe Premiere Rush Android compatibility is finally coming

Adobe has just announced Premiere Rush is coming to Android phones. This is a first for the first ever all-in-one cross-device video editing app.

For those who haven’t heard of Rush before, it’s a tool that combines many of Adobe’s tools from Premiere Pro and Audition. Adobe claims they’ve now “optimized” this workflow for Android devices.

Those using Rush on their Androids will have access to “intuitive editing, simplified color correction, AI-powered audio clean up, customizable Motion Graphics templates, and publishing,” says Adobe.

Start your Rush project on your Android and finish it on your desktop

Like its iOS counterpart, Rush for Android will offer the same toolset across mobile and desktop devices. Rush syncs all of the projects you work on and stores them in the cloud. You can get access to the most updated version of the file from whatever device you’re using. That way, you can start the project on your desktop and make tweaks on your mobile while traveling.

“ … you can start a project on one device and publish from another all without missing a beat,” says Adobe.

New Motion Graphics templates for Rush

While the big news from Adobe is Rush’s release on Android, Adobe’s also releasing new Motion Graphic templates for the software. Adobe’s adding hundreds more templates in Adobe Stock to customize your videos.

Pricing and availability

Adobe’s Premiere Rush costs $10 per month for individuals and $20 per month for teams. For enterprise customers, Rush costs $30 monthly. A free trial is also available. You can learn more about Adobe Premiere Rush in our announcement blog.

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Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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