NABWeek 2020: Adobe launches Premiere Pro Productions

Today, Adobe announced Productions is now available in Premiere Pro. According to Adobe, Productions will prove a “flexible” and “highly scalable” framework for organizing project tasks for teams.

“Productions provide a flexible and highly scalable framework for organizing projects, sharing assets between them, and keeping everything streamlined,” says Adobe. Ultimately, it will make it easier for teams to collaborate in Premiere Pro. Streamlining everything will make working remotely much more efficient, something that’s crucial in these trying times.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what Productions offers:

Dividing up a huge task into smaller ones

Premiere Pro Productions allows you to divide large, complex workflows into smaller pieces based on the existing Premiere Pro project format. Additionally, Productions connects related projects, making them all components of a larger project. For instance, a team can organize their workflow around reels or scenes.

Episodic shows can be grouped by season and Agencies can distribute a Production to each client.

Organization and synchronization

To keep things much more organized, Premiere Pro Productions features media referencing. You’re able to reuse assets in a production without having to make duplicates. So this will keep the entire project move much faster while staying organized. Additionally, the Production panel in Premiere Pro offers a command center for managing multi-project workflows. Any projects you add to the Productions folder become part of the Production. Any changes you make on disk are reflected in Premiere Pro and all the changes made in Premiere Pro are reflected on disk.

Premiere Pro Productions panel
Premiere Pro Productions panel

Also, the Premiere Pro Productions panel allows you to see a bird’s eye view of all your projects and shows you who is working on what so you and your team can track your progress.


According to Adobe, you have full control of your content. Projects and assets can live entirely on your local storage. Nothing will show up in the cloud unless you yourself put it there.


Premiere Pro Productions is out now in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC. So, if you want to try it out, you can head to the Creative Cloud website.

Image courtesy: Adobe

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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