Adobe brings heavy video-focused updates to Creative Cloud

Leading up to NAB 2019, Adobe’s announced new performance updates and features for video and audio tools in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Here is Adobe’s announcement video for the spring 2019 updates:

One of the new features is Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill for video. It’s a tool that’s powered by the Adobe AI tech, Adobe Sensei. Also being added to the Creative Cloud is additional machine learning technology and new capabilities for titles and graphics, crafting animations, refining audio mixing and organizing and preparing project media.

As for the new performance improvements we mentioned before, some of the most notable are Mask Tracking for effects and color workflows, dual GPU optimization and improved hardware acceleration for HEVC and H.264 formats in Premiere Pro. Also, After Effects gets GPU-accelerated effects like Change Color and Roughen Edges.

So, let’s get into more of the specifics about what is being added into the programs:

After Effects

Content-Aware Fill can remove unwanted objects automatically. If you need to remove a boom mic, sign or logos from your videos, Content-Aware Fill can to it. How? The feature runs on Adobe Sensei.

Premiere Pro

Organize and storyboard media in the Freeform Project panel. Assets can now be freely rearranged and resized, giving editors to organize assets visually. Users can save layouts for shot selects, production tasks and assembly edits.

Design with precision and consistency with Rulers and Guides. You can use the Rulers and Guides tools in Premiere Pro. It should now be easier to align tilting and animated effects.

Generate an audio mix with Auto Ducking for ambient sound. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Auto Ducking allows for dynamic adjustments to ambient sounds. Plus, Keyframed adjustments can be manually fine-tuned.


Polish audio with Punch and Roll. Punch and Roll allows production workflows in both Waveform and Multitrack for longform recording.

Generate an audio mix with Auto Ducking for ambient sound. Like in Premiere Pro, users can use AI-powered Auto Ducking.

Character Animator

Twitch Live-Streaming Triggers. Adobe has improved Livestream performances by allowing its audience to engage with the streams characters in real-time. With this feature, viewers can interact with the stream’s characters through custom triggers for gestures, poses and even costume changes. Additionally, it all can be monetized by using Twitch Bits to trigger actions. That’s another way to make some cash.

Adobe Stock

More stock. Adobe Stock now offers 10 million pro-quality royalty-free 4K and HD video stock and Motion Graphics templates.

Premiere Rush

Built-in camera functionality. The mobile-to-desktop editing tool now features built-in camera functionality.


The latest version of Creative Cloud, with all these updates, is out now. Adobe will also showcase the new Creative Cloud at NAB 2019 next week.

Image courtesy Apple

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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