Accusonus reimagines audio workflows with ERA 5 bundles

Accusonus is looking to reimagine audio clean-up and sound design workflows with the updated ERA 5 plugin bundles with new and improved plugins.

Version 5 of ERA puts in place huge updates to the software. According to Accusonus, its latest version is the “fastest” audio clean-up software for video and audio creators. Version 5 adds in several new plugins focused primarily on enhancing and repairing low-quality audio. These additions should make audio-repair workflows much less time-consuming and users friendly for creators just starting out.

“The smart design of the ERA 5 tools greatly reduces time-consuming audio repair workflows to a simple twist of a dial,” says Accusonus.

Accusonus ERA 5 Bundles: what’s new

ERA 5 Bundle Standard

New plugins

  • Voice AutoEQ
  • Voice Deepener
  • Audio Cleanup Assistant

In the new version of ERA, we’re receiving these new plugins: Voice AutoEQ, Voice Deepener, and Audio Clean-up Assistant. ERA Voice Auto EQ is a tool that automates the audio equalization process. “It helps you instantly fix muddy recordings and make your voice track standout in the mix,” says Accusonus. ERA Voice Deepener is also being added. This plugin adds warmth and depth to voice recordings. Essentially, the plugin should make your voice sound less like it was recorded. As for the last new plugin, the ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant makes your audio faster by hosting and adding preset chains into single-dial plugins.

Improved plugins

  • Noise Remover
  • Reverb Remover
  • Voice Leveler
  • De-Clipper
  • De-Esser
  • Plosive Remover

ERA 5 Bundle Pro

ERA 5 Bundle Pro
ERA 5 Bundle Pro. Image courtesy: Accusonus

New plugins

  • Everything included in ERA Bundle Standard
  • Noise Remover PRO
  • Reverb Remover PRO
  • Room Tone Match
  • De-Esser PRO

The ERA 5 Pro Bundle includes all the new plugins in the Standard Bundle and 4 new plugins for multi-branding processing. The Noise Remover Pro and Reverb Remover Pro refine spectral controls, allowing you to get tailored processing on key frequency ranges. The New Tone Match runs as an AudioSuite plugin in Pro Tools and identifies the background ambiance under speech. According to Accusonus, the plugin helps you “seamlessly” stitch and even out different ambiance beds.

Pricing and availability

The Accusonus ERA 5 Bundles are out now. The standard bundle is priced at $15, while the Pro bundle is priced at $40.

Image courtesy: Accusonus

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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