A photographer found a Sony Alpha 1 camera IBIS error

Sony Alpha 1 camera users are reportedly experiencing a significant body image stabilization (IBIS) error that stalls the function for a few seconds.

First reported by PetaPixel, photographer Jamieson Dean reached out to Sony after noticing his Alpha 1 camera would inconsistently disable its IBIS mechanism for a few seconds. Dean said the error has ruined numerous shots. Users using optically stabilized lenses won’t notice the problem. Also, the error doesn’t occur if a dedicated video mode is on — because the IBIS never resets.

How did Sony respond to the Alpha 1 error?

Dean said he noticed the error one week after purchasing the camera. He reached out to Sony and sent over video evidence of the error. In their response, Sony said they’ll send the videos to their engineering. They also suggested Dean take his camera to one of their local repair centers. After doing precisely that, the repair center recommended a replacement Alpha 1. So, Dean waited for his replacement and received it after six weeks. Dean tested the replacement Alpha 1 he got from Sony and encountered the same issue as his original unit.

“The replacement does the exact same thing,” Dean said in a video addressing the error on his YouTube channel.

You can see Dean’s video below.

Moving forward

Dean has talked with numerous Alpha 1 camera users who’ve experienced the same problem. However, Sony still hasn’t addressed the issue. Dean told PetaPixel he is grateful for all the help from the company’s customer service, but he wants to make sure the company does fix the error eventually.

“There’s a few others that have noticed this issue, but a lot of people are saying they can’t reproduce the issue,” Dean said in his video. “See if your A1 has a similar issue to what my A1s have had (and) what a good number of other people have actually reported.”

Image courtesy: Kai W

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
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