5 leaks you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S22

Though the Samsung Galaxy S22 isn’t releasing until 2022, that’s not stopping leaks nor speculation about the phone’s potential specs.

Initially reported by TechRadar, numerous sources from the industry have leaked several details about the phone — such as lens specs, a potential partnership and a release window. However, there are a few leaks that contradict each other, and Samsung hasn’t confirmed any solid details about its future phone. So, at this point, it’s hard to say which leak (if any) is accurate. Nevertheless, they’re all worth taking a look at because any of them may be true.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could have five lenses

Leaks suggest the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not only have five lenses on its back, but it’ll also have a continuous zoom lens. If this is true, it will make for a major improvement over the S21 (which features two optical zoom lenses: 3x and 10x). Essentially, the S22 would offer the same functionality and more in one lens as opposed to two. So, the leaks suggest the S22 will feature two new lenses with a main, telephoto and ultra-wide lens.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 will house a 108MP main sensor

In the past, rumors were suggesting the Samsung Galaxy S22 would feature a 200MP sensor. However, a new leak from a reputable source claims the phone will instead feature a smaller 108MP main sensor. With conflicting information, it’s hard to determine which one we should believe. TechRadar points out Samsung’s been working on a 200MP camera, so it’s plausible that the camera is for the S22. Still, at this point, it’s impossible to know which source is correct.

Samsung will use Olympus technology

More smartphone companies and camera manufacturers have been working together recently. For example, OnePlus partnered with Hasselblad to deliver the OnePlus 9 Pro. So, it’s not unreasonable to believe Samsung would want to work with Olympus. According to the leaks, Samsung will use Olympus technology for its camera.

Will support the S Pen

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will reportedly support the S Pen. This isn’t surprising since the S21 Ultra supports the Pen.

Coming at the beginning of January 2022

Last but not least, the rumors suggest the smartphone will release in January 2022. If true, we won’t have to wait too long for the phone release. Still, take all of these leaks with a grain of salt until they’re confirmed by Samsung itself.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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