NDI® 5: An Ever-Expanding Universe of Networked Possibilities

If you are in the business of video production, then you have likely read, heard, or thought about using Internet Protocol (IP) as an alternative to baseband video, but you are concerned it may be too complicated to implement and use. Fear not.

This guide covers:

  • Connecting studios
  • Easily Accessing Remote Sources Over a Secure WAN Or Public Internet
  • Gaining Better Network Connectivity
  • Networking Connectivity & Coexistence
  • Strengthening Your Network Connectivity
  • Making Your Audio Sound Better and Travel More Securely
  • Working With All Apple and Adobe Creative Cloud Products
  • Deploying IP-Based Synchronization (Genlock) for Multi-Camera, Remote and Virtual Set Production
  • Quickly Developing NDI® Applications for ARM Devices
  • Seeing A Fast ROI