Unlocking a STEM classroom’s potential with cutting-edge video production tools

Ready to take your STEM classroom to the next level with the latest video production technology? We’re here to show you how. We’ll cover all the essentials to help you use cutting-edge video technology to create captivating learning experiences. We’ll examine the current state of video production in STEM classrooms and discover how you can upgrade your existing capabilities with switchers, PTZ cameras and NDI. By taking the time to understand the latest technology, you can create engaging and effective learning experiences for your students.


More and more classrooms are adopting remote and hybrid education models, and STEM classrooms are no exception. Indeed, the technological capacity for remote learning is a huge step in education that enables capabilities far beyond just pre- recorded lectures. Studies have shown that video is an effective way to increase interest in STEM subjects1. The right technology will keep students engaged and reveal exciting possibilities in the future of education and video production, whether in-person or online.