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Lighting Setups with Only Practicals

How to Light a Scene Using Only Practicals

Lights, Camera, Action — “Wait, but we don’t have the lights! How can you have camera and action without lights?!” Well, if you don’t...

4 Common Lighting Mistakes (and how to fix them)

Lighting is an art that can take years to master. Avoiding these mistakes, however, is a quick way to improve your results.
Colorful array of apples

Understanding CRI & TLCI: The Importance Of Color Rendition

Cinematography is all about light, but filmmakers soon learn that all light is not created equal. The human eye is immensely versatile at adapting...
Toplight: Painting with a Broad Brush. Warner Bros. Studios displays their new line of rentable LED "space lights" for stage use.

How to Use a Toplight to Illuminate Groups of People

For those of us who contribute daily to the motion content business, eventually you will be asked to light a large subject or group...
The KISS method to lighting a scene

An Easy, 4-step Method to Video Lighting

In this article I will share with you the KISS method — or Keep It Simple Stupid — as it pertains to various aspects...
The Five Most Difficult Lighting Scenarios

The Five Most Difficult Lighting Scenarios and How to Handle Them

We caught up with a 40-year industry veteran and university professor for some lighting advice.
Three Point Lighting

Three-point lighting — the first lighting technique to master

Three-point lighting the easy answer to a myriad of questions. It's very adaptable, doesn't necessarily requires three lights, and luckily, it's not terribly difficult to learn.
The Sun: Everyone’s Light Kit

How to harness sunlight for an amazing outdoor lighting setup

"If you really look carefully at natural light, you realize how complex it is, and how it's constantly shifting. When you put up an...
How to Calculate Contrast Rations

How to Calculate Contrast Ratios for More Professional Lighting Setups

There is something that a good video producer or cinematographer should understand to help better create engaging shots that develop the emotion on screen and set the tone of a project...that is a proper contrast ratio.
Image of hand drawn light bulbs on a chalkboard

The four attributes of light

Capturing light Your camcorder captures light, records it and stores it in such a way that allows you to play it back so everyone can...

Video Courses

Church Video Production

How to Plan a Production (Free for Non-Members) Planning is vital to the success of any production. Without a plan, your video likely won’t succeed...

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The quality of light

Light is essential in cinema. How much light you use and how you choose to deliver it sets the mood and feel of a scene.

Lighting techniques for film and video

To create the best lighting for your project, it's important to understand the essential lighting techniques for film and video.
Light modifiers

Every type of light modifier for video you need to know

Light modifiers are essential parts of video production lighting. You must know every light modifier available to ensure you have control over your lighting
Day for night

Day for night shooting: shooting night scenes on a budget

Day for night shooting is a staple of the filming industry, allowing productions to cut costs and film night scenes during the day.

Why color temperature is important for video

In a nutshell Color temperature measures the color of light, existing on a scale between a lit match (1700 K) and skylight (10,000 K)The most common light sources are daylight (5600 K) and indoor tungsten (3200 K)The lower your light is on the kelvin scale,...
Type of lights

Light types for video — How to light your production like a pro

The best ways to make a production look pro is to use the right type of lights at the right time — though this is easier said than done.

Film lighting 101: The tools and techniques you should know

Understanding film lighting tools and techniques is essential to making great film and video.
What is a gaffer?

What is a gaffer and how do they play a crucial...

Every successful project needs a talented gaffer working at the helm of the electrical department. Here is why gaffers are so important.
Controlling the Quality of Light

How to control your quality of light for better footage

There's an old axiom in the art world: A good artist is the master of their tools. A great artist is the master of...

Light types for video

This video is all about light types for video and film.You’ll learn about Tungsten, LED, Fluorescent and HMI lights. We will also cover Soft,...
We'll define what low key lighting is

What is low-key lighting and why should you use it?

Low-key lighting is a great lighting technique every videographer should have in their arsenal. Here we'll define what it is and how you can use it.
High key lighting was used in this scene in 2011's Restless

What is high-key lighting and how can you use it?

It’s important to know what high-key lighting is and how you can use it to add depth to your film’s atmosphere and style. Here's what you need to know.
Three Point Lighting

Three-point lighting — the first lighting technique to master

Three-point lighting the easy answer to a myriad of questions. It's very adaptable, doesn't necessarily requires three lights, and luckily, it's not terribly difficult to learn.
The Slanted Lens gives us a few lighting setups for vlogs

What light setups work best for vlogs?

Do you need some help picking out the lighting your vlogs? Here are some light setups you can consider using for your projects.