Leak: DJI’s New Mavic Drone May Feature Interchangeable Gimbals

What’s next for DJI’s Mavic drone line? Recent leaks suggest DJI’s upcoming Mavic 2 will include 360-degree obstacle avoidance and an interchangeable gimbal.

DroneDJ reportedly got ahold of a photo that appears to depict the as-yet-unannounced Mavic 2, DJI’s follow up to Mavic Pro. This is ahead of DJI’s Launch Event in New York City. In the site’s report, they notice that the Mavic 2 has what looks to be a removable gimbal and a much sleeker design, but the overall design still looks similar to that of the Mavic Pro. Additionally, DroneDJ speculates that the drone will feature at least front and side obstacle avoidance cameras and sensors.

Removable Gimbal

Looking at the leaked image, DroneDJ thinks that the gimbal looks removable. “If you look at the picture closely, it seems that the gimbal might just slide into the drone and thus can be used separately as well,” the site says.

And when you look the left of the picture, there appears to be a separate second gimbal with a much smaller camera and sensor. That may not sound appealing to those who want the best quality for their aerial shots, but for those who value high portability, even if it means some quality loss, this is great news.

360-degree Obstacle Avoidance

It also looks like the Mavic 2 has front and side obstacle avoidance cameras and sensors. While we don’t see sensors on the bottom and back of the drone because of the angle of the picture, DroneDJ says it’s likely the Mavic 2 will feature sensors in those spots as well. There won’t be a sensor on the top of the drone, however.


A Sleeker, More Aerodynamic Drone

Since the Mavic 2 is the follow up to the Mavic Pro, we would expect it to make some improvements to the design. The Mavic 2 looks to be more aerodynamic than its predecessor, but it’s still recognizable as part of the DJI Mavic line. It has the same color, shape and folding mechanism. The battery is also mounted on to the top and towards the back of the drone — the same location as on the original Mavic.

When will DJI officially announce the Mavic 2?

Now all of this is just rumor. We won’t know for sure what to expect from the Mavic 2 until DJI officially confirms it. DJI was going to hold its “See the Bigger Picture” event on July 18th, but that was postponed. It’s likely that DJI was planning to announce the Mavic 2 at that event, so we might have to wait a little longer to see it.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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