What’s the Best Video Format for Online Distribution?

Video formatting is the key to sharing your videos and getting them online for a bigger audience. Choosing the right video format can be difficult, but it can mean a larger, more appreciative viewership.

So you’ve just finished completing the world’s next blockbuster?! Okay, so it’s only 5 minutes long and shot on your brother’s handheld, consumer video camera from 2007. But still, you want to get your video on the web, and you want to get it on the web fast. After all, computers have become a staple in just about every industry, not to mention the main source of media entertainment for most of America, and you know that getting your work onto the internet means opening its audience possibilities up into the billions, literally.

The most important preparation to make when getting ready to send your video off is figuring out and choosing how to format it for the web. What’s video formatting? Well I’m glad you asked, as the rest of this article should aid in having video formats explained for the beginning to intermediate user, as well as cover what the different video formats are, and what the best video format for web distribution may be.

Whether it’s a question of finding the best compression for YouTube or choosing a video format that allows your users to interact with the video, there is a video format out there for your exact purposes. (Now you just need to figure out which one!)

Get the Best Compression for YouTube and the Web

Choosing the best video format for web distribution is absolutely vital for getting people to watch your videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing websites. Read this new report from Videomaker to have all the different video formats explained in plain English. We asked filmmaker/videographer Chelsey Grasso to decipher the mysteries of getting the best compression for YouTube and the web.


  • Sharing Your Video Masterpiece with the World
  • Why Formats Are Important
  • Getting Down to Business: The Types of Formats
  • Common Mistakes in Choosing a Format
  • Tips for Selecting the Best Format in Any Situation
  • Video Formatting: Wrapping It Up
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