Videomaker Wedding Videography DVD

Presenting Videomaker’s Award-Winning DVD Guide

Recipient of a 2011 Educational Video Telly Award, this complete six-part training DVD covers every aspect of the wedding, giving you the inside scoop on the extra details that separate the serious wedding videographer from the amateur with a camera. Videomaker‘s trusted editors will walk you through every facet of wedding videography, from navigating the legalities ahead of time to adding post-production effects after the ceremony.To be a professional wedding videographer, you need to show up prepared to do it right. You don’t need expensive equipment or an impressive degree; all it takes is a little preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly – and Videomaker’s Wedding Videography DVD will make sure you can handle every curve ball the big day might throw at you.

Wedding Videography includes:

  • Legalities – Learn how to protect yourself and your business from unforeseen problems.
  • Pre-Ceremony – Learn exactly what you need to do in advance to make sure everything goes without a hitch.
  • Audio – Learn how to mic the ceremony correctly and get clear, crisp audio sure to please even the pickiest couple.
  • Ceremony – It all leads up to this moment, but you’re ready to handle the pressure with Videomaker‘s step-by-step instructions.
  • Reception – Taping the reception can be tricky, but you’ll be ready for the challenge with these tips from Videomaker‘s experts.
  • Post-Production – Learn some more ways to impress clients and make more money, by offering post-production services above and beyond the competition.

Bonus Materials

As a bonus feature, Wedding Videography comes with five bestselling Videomaker eDocuments.

  • The Wedding Biz
  • 8 Tips for Success
  • 10 Keys for Success in the Wedding Video Business
  • A Complete Guide to Shooting Wedding Video
  • How to Capture Clean, Clear Audio for Video