Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers

Wedding Videographer Book of Forms

You have to do a thousand things at once when you’re shooting a wedding;

let us help you get it all right.

There’s no more high-pressure video situation than a wedding. You only get one chance to get it right and getting it wrong can be disasterous for a budding wedding videographer. What can you do? Trust Videomaker, the premiere resource for the working videographer, to guide you through this minefield with the Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers.

After the honeymoon’s over, you want to be the sort of wedding videographer that the bride and groom can recommend to all their friends. If there are any problems with the video you produce, the wedding party won’t care how well you meant – they’re only going to care that they won’t have perfect memories of their wedding procession. Dealing with furious clients is more than just aggravating. Even one bad review can mar your reputation and cost you valuable business!

How can you avoid being in that situation? Juggling all the demands of the big wedding day is a monumental headache and you can’t afford to make a mistake. These forms will help you keep track of everything you need to do to make sure that you end the day without missing a beat.

Videomaker’s essential Book of Forms has long been a popular item, collecting all the legal, administrative and maintenance forms that a videorapher needs to keep a project on schedule, under budget and above the board. Now Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers does the same for wedding videograhers with over 25 pages of often overlooked but vitally important forms that you need to succeed.

Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers include:

The perfect on-location resource

Job Summary: As much as you like the excitement of the wedding day, you know that the best part of any job is when you get paid! So there’s nothing worse than having a client suddenly decide to dispute your bill. Cut off any arguments before they happen with this organized, easy-to-read services summary, so your client can see exactly where their money is going.

Equipment Check-Out: What do you do if you realize you’ve forgotten your audio cables or your boom pole? You won’t have to find out the answer when you have this Equipment Check-Out form, listing all the equipment you’ll need – even the little things like batteries and microphones that are so easy to forget as you run out the door! Remember, the party’s not going to stop and wait for you to rush home again if your forget your gear.

Notice of Revised Job Estimate: Nothing is so sure to upset a client as springing unexpected charges on them at the last minute. Avoid last minute complications by giving your clients prompt, official notice whenever you might run over budget. The Notice of Revised Job Estimate will keep your clients in the loop and satisfied that you’re earning your fees.

Videography Coverage Checklist: Got a shot of the bride dancing with her father-in-law? Or one of the couple feeding each other cake? There’s always so much happening at a wedding that it’s easy to become disoriented and miss something. What are the most important shots that you absolutely, positively must get? We’ll tell you exactly what most couples are hoping to see in their wedding videos with this Videography Coverage Checklist. If you’re ever stumped about what you should be shooting, just give this list a glance and you’ll be back on track.

Guest Interview Sheet: A good wedding video has to include interviews with the wedding guests. Don’t know what questions to ask to get some interesting footage? The Guest Interview Sheet will give you a few starters and help you press your client for more. Find out exactly how you should be getting the livliest, most entertaining interview answers possible!

You’ll get all this and much more when you purchase the Videomaker Book of Essential Forms for Wedding Videographers!

Don’t gamble with your livelihood when it’s so easy to prepare for every wedding contingency. Start your journey into wedding videography with confidence and end it secure in the knowledge that your clients will be speaking highly of you everytime they rewatch their wedding video.