Videomaker Ultimate Wedding Video Business Toolkit

Become a Professional Wedding Videographer

Get the Wedding Videography Help You Need

To be a professional wedding videographer, you need to show up prepared to do it right. You don’t need expensive equipment or an impressive degree; all it takes is a little preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly – and Videomaker’s Ultimate Wedding Business Toolkit will make sure you can handle every curve ball the big day might throw at you.

We know that wedding videography is hard work. Maybe you got into it because you liked the thrill of being in the heat of the action. Maybe you liked the idea of helping people capture treasured memories for posterity. Or maybe you just love it as a way to exercise your video craftsmanship. Whatever your reason, we know that you didn’t get into wedding videography because you love last-minute problems, annoying snags, or embarrassing trip-ups. Well, now there’s an easy way to cut those things out of the equation, so that you can concentrate on doing what you love!

We’ve bundled all our favorite wedding tools in one package to make this the ultimate one-stop wedding training session. This toolkit includes:

  • Wedding Videography DVD – Learn how to protect yourself and your business from unforeseen problems.
  • Wedding Video: 8 Tips for Success (Digital Download) – Learn exactly what you need to do in advance to make sure everything goes without a hitch.
  • Guide to Making Wedding Video (Digital Download) – Learn how to mic the ceremony correctly and get clear, crisp audio sure to please even the pickiest couple.
  • The Videomaker Complete Book of Forms (eBook) – All the essential forms you need to keep your wedding business on schedule.
  • Videomaker's Wedding Videography DVD

    As part of this toolkit, you’ll get our Wedding Videography DVD, recipient of a 2011 Educational Video Telly Award, a complete six-part training DVD that covers every aspect of the wedding. This DVD gives you the inside scoop on the extra details that separate the serious wedding videographer from the amateur with a camera. Videomaker‘s trusted editors will walk you through every facet of wedding videography, from navigating the legalities ahead of time to adding post-production effects after the ceremony.

    Wedding Videography includes:

    • Legalities – Learn how to protect your business from unforeseen problems.
    • Pre-Ceremony – Learn exactly what you need to do in advance.
    • Audio – Learn how to mic the ceremony correctly and get clear, crisp audio.
    • Ceremony – It all leads up to this moment, but you’re ready to handle the pressure.
    • Reception – Be ready for the challenge with these tips from Videomaker’s experts.
    • Post-Production – Make more money by offering post-production services.

    That’s not all! This DVD also includes:

    Bonus bestselling Videomaker eDocuments

    • The Wedding Biz
    • 8 Tips for Success
    • 10 Keys for Success in the Wedding Video Business
    • A Complete Guide to Shooting Wedding Video
    • How to Capture Clean, Clear Audio for Video