The Essential Guide To Building A Home Studio

The Essential Guide to Building a Home Studio

You’ve done it! You’ve finally decided to build a home studio and gain the benefits of a professional and versatile video area conveniently located in your own house. But before jumping into the project, take a few minutes to review the important factors that will make your studio stand out.

A well-built studio is indispensable to perfecting your shooting skills in a controlled environment. It’s ideal for producing professional interviews, experimenting with chromakey, and gaining more control over lighting. A home studio offers independence, since you won’t need to rent or borrow another studio, and convenience, since you can shoot great video without leaving your house. Gone will be the days of constant setup and teardown as you invade your living area with a mess of paper rolls, reflector stands, and extension cords. You’ll finally have a place devoted to keeping all your video accessories and supplies in one handy location.

However, jumping into any kind of big building project can be daunting—especially when the project is as complicated as turning an ordinary room into a video studio. You want to be sure that no significant safety or aesthetic considerations have been overlooked. Otherwise, you risk future problems and hazards, like annoying reverberation that’s expensive to fix, or the poorly installed light that threatens to drop on someone’s head. The latest free report from Videomaker explains everything to consider so you can have the benefits of your own home studio without the headache.

Videomaker wants to make sure that you have access to the best information about building a home studio, so we've put together a free report with everything that you need to know about the project fundamentals. We asked a videographer with experience in building home studios to compile this helpful guide so that you can sift through all the information and learn what you really need to know about building a video studio in your house.

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to hammer in the facts.

What can you do to ensure that you don’t forget any major home studio considerations? After all, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your dedicated video space, and you don’t want to be frustrated with a ceiling that’s too low, or a lack of electrical outlets. We’ll give you valuable information so that you can build it right the first time and be able to focus on the important stuff…like, shooting video.

This report includes details on:

  • Space Requirements
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Floors in a Studio
  • How to Keep it Cool
  • Lighting Considerations: Stands vs Grids
  • The Right Green Screen
  • Camcorder for the Job
  • Studio Audio

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