Successful Video Entrepreneur -Start your own video business

Start Your Dream Business with The Successful Video Entrepreneur!

You’ve dreamt of someday making money with your own video business, but one thing holds you back – you may be a whiz with a camera, but running a business requires a whole new set of different skills.

Videomaker's The Successful Video Entrepreneur

Get confident and beef up your business savvy with The Successful Video Entrepreneur, a fun, easy-to-read and, above all, informative, eBook that demystifies the process.

Contents Include:

  • Considering a Partnership. Learn what to look for to create a harmonious, mutually beneficial business partnership!
  • Keep it Moving Forward. We’ll show you how to leverage ads, fliers, press releases and simple word of mouth to get your business off the ground!
  • Finding your Target Audience. Learn to find and speak to the people most likely to need video services.
  • Planning your Advertising. Learn how to effectively spend your advertising dollars so that you’re communicating the right message to the right people.
  • Promoting your Business. Referrals are the best way to get more business. We’ll show you some simple ways to get your customers singing your praises.
  • Finding a Sponsor. We’ll tell you more about this often overlooked funding source for videographers.
  • Over 65 pages of information you need to start your own successful video business
  • Marketing your Video. How to effectively market and advertise your product, so that it gets in front of potential clients.
  • Budget for Profit. Making a profit is all about balancing the books, keeping a delicate balance between how much you earn and how much you spend.
  • Client Services. We’ll show you all the tricks to anticipate exactly what your client wants — sometimes before they even know they want it!
  • Hiring Employees. Learn what personalities, skills, and strengths your employees need and where to find these people!
  • Video Depositions. One of the fastest growing markets for videography is in courtroom and legal depositions.
  • Portrait of a Family. How you can provide the best possible video portraits that will have people happily re-watching them for years.
  • Shooting on Location. If you’re shooting for profit, you’ll need to make sure you’re in the clear legally.
  • Protecting your Work. Learn how copyright works and how you can get it to work with you!