Writer’s Policies new to 2012

  • ALL statements of facts must have links for verification [either in a digital note form or as a footnote at the end of the story in a “do not print” section]
  • NO manuscript will be accepted, or paid for, that has proven plagiarized paragraphs or sentences, this includes work gleamed from “Creative Common” sites – all work must be original from the author. The ONLY “copy-n-paste” information accepted is direct technical specifications. Even product descriptions must be original work.
  • All assignments will be accompanied by an outline [unless stated otherwise]. This outline will have Google Visibility Index SEO words that the writer MUST use in the story.
  • Pay for all stories is $200 [other than the 1-page features], regardless of their technical level or research needs, or word count. 1-page assignments pay $100.
  • Deadlines are short, within a month of the assignment, and are expected to come in on time, regardless of when that story runs in the paper edition. We upload 5 stories a week to our website, and there can be any number or stories from any issue in that batch.
  • Pay is upon acceptance – rewrites might be necessary and do not affect the amount of pay a writer receives.