Sound Recordist


When you only have one chance to capture the moment,
Be ready to record sound and video like a pro.

Whether it’s the “I do’s” at a wedding or one shot at an interview with a key subject in a documentary, often there’s no second chance to capture good audio with your video.

Most professional documentary and film making companies have a sound recordist whose major function is to make sure that the quality of the sound is good. It’s a very important job because lack of good audio can render an important interview useless.

But what if it’s just you and your camera? We at Videomaker know that many of our readers are lone wolf producers so we asked Jeanne Rawlings, an Emmy Award-winning sound recordist and documentary producer, to write the eBook Directing as a Sound Recordist. In this eBook Jeanne Rawlings will provide you with the strategies and techniques you need to confidently capture good audio while shooting video as a one person video production crew.

In Directing as a Sound Recordist you will learn:

  • To make sure you are prepared for any situation. Know the key items you should include in your kit when you venture out to make videos.
  • Tips to handle and organize your gear so it is protected in an outdoor environment.
  • What types of microphone systems are best for the solo videographer and how to select the best one for each situation.
  • Tips for setting the levels before you start your interview.
  • Important things to listen for prior to shooting so you can identify problems before you start the interview.
  • Instructions to give to your interviewee to make editing the interview a breeze.
  • Quick checklist to ask yourself before leaving an interview.

This eBook will show you how to capture good audio as a one person crew. The audio you record will follow you through the edit and post-production session. Ironically, sound that is true, clear and undistorted works its magic without notice. It’s the seamless connection between storyteller on the screen and the audience in front of it. As a solo documentarian you can and you must be able to simultaneously capture good audio and video. Don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in your way. Download Directing as a Sound Recordist today.