Smooth Moves and Steady Shots

Smooth Moves and Steady Shots

Camera moves can make your project look super professional or incredibly amateurish depending on how well you use them.

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Professional videographers usually follow this one rule of thumb: when it comes to camera movement, it must be motivated. Because it looks cool, is usually not a valid reason for using tricky camera moves. Instead, you can use camera moves to change the viewer’s perspective, making what you shoot look bigger, smaller, or even scarier. You should use camera movement to tell your story better and to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Just as we might turn our heads to follow the flight of a bird, we can use camera moves to provide our audiences with a sense of depth and motion.

The camera is your audience’s eyes into the world you capture. Every shot you take, every frame that’s recorded should drive your story. Learning to manipulate and control the camera’s perspective to enhance your storytelling will keep your audience engaged and greatly increase the professional look of your projects. Videomaker’s training video contains handheld camera tips and techniques to give your videos a more professional look.