Pushing Resolution to the Limit

Minimum System Requirements for 4K Editing

Consider your whole post-production workflow to determine the minimum requirements for the work you’re doing not just the minimum the software runs on. Our latest free report will help you find them.

Looking to edit 4K footage? Needing a bigger and better machine to handle all that data?
Determining the best computer system to edit 4K footage is a bit more complicated than
just looking at the system requirements of the editing software you want to use.

To start off, you need to ask yourself some questions about your projects. What type of
footage will you be editing: R3D, CinemaDNG, ProRes, XAVC S? How complex are your
projects: single camera, multi-camera, animation, VFX? What are your output formats?
How much time do you have to deliver your edits? Finally, are you editing online or offl

Videomaker wants you to have the best information about setting up the best system for editing in 4K, so we’ve put together a free report with everything that you need to know, including the cost, to help your 4K editing run smoothly.

Read Pushing Resolution to the Limit:
Minimum System
Requirements for 4K Editing

There are aspects you might be able to save a little money and others that are truly worth the prices. We’ll break it all down for you because creating a DIY rig will definitely save you thousands of dollars over purchasing a pre-built system. From formats to motherboards, from audio to monitors, and protecting your investments, this report has you covered.


  • What you’ll need for online editing vs. offline editing
  • Your best picks for speed, storage and memory
  • Which softwares will do what you actually want them to (and which ones won’t!)

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