Producing the Documentary part 1

Producing the Documentary Part 1

Everyone has a story to tell! And what better way to bring that story to life than through a compelling documentary? “Producing the Documentary Part 1” will show you how to get started on making your documentary dreams into reality…

Want to make a documentary? We’ll show you how! Most of us grew up on nature documentaries like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or National Geographic, so we’re used to thinking of documentaries as elaborate affairs that require huge investments and tons of equipment. That might have been the case once, but no more! There’s never been a better time to make a documentary and you don’t need to travel to the Amazon Basin or the Galapagos Islands to do it. Marty Stouffer began making one-man films with a handheld 8 mm in the Alaskan wilderness. Michael Moore’s first documentary was a look at the effects of the closed GM plant in his own hometown. Today, anyone with access to a hand-held camera and the passion to tell a story can end up making the next smash-hit documentary.

Producing the Documentary Part 1 is the quick and dirty introduction to the basics of documentary film making. If you have an idea, this easy-to-follow guide is your next step. Learn what you’re going to have to do to turn that idea into a real movie that people will want to see.

The hardest part of the documentary process is just getting started. That’s especially so for the new documentarian, who might have the best idea in the world for a compelling movie but just doesn’t know what the next step is. What do you need to do to get off the ground? This eDoc will spell it all out in plain English, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do next. Download Producing the Documentary Part 1 and start learning more about the fundamentals of documentary production.

Don’t leap into your first documentary without knowing what you’re doing. This eDocument will help you get pointed in the right direction and know exactly where you need to be focusing your attentions. We’ll help you think of what questions you should be asking yourself before you even pick up a camera, so that you can be sure to put your best foot forward. We explain why you need to think about more than just where to point a camera, why you need to think about the dramatic techniques that you thought were unique to narrative fiction. There’s a lot more to making an interesting documentary than meets the eye, but we’ll discuss it all.

“Producing the Documentary” Produces Results!

Start from the beginning. This easy-to-download free eDocument doesn’t skip a step of the initial phases of making a documentary, so there’s no chance that you’ll get to the end and realize you’re lost. We specifically wrote this report for the video creator who’s just now getting their first inkling of an idea. We’ve seen far too many potentially gifted documentarians give up before they even get started just because they feel too overwhelmed. Most documentary guides start in the middle, assuming that you’ve already got a boatload of prior experience. But how do you get experience to begin with, if every training course and tutorial just assumes you already have it? What a conundrum! We created this eDocument specifically to remedy that problem, and we know that having read it you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced sessions.

Here’s what you get when you download Producing the Documentary Part 1

  • Why Make a Documentary?
  • Tone and Treatment
  • Is Your Story Compelling?
  • Audio Recording Tips
  • Tell Me a Story
  • An Emotional Center
  • Putting it together, Bit by Bit
  • Formulating a Plan
  • Dramatic Structure
  • Go Find Some Funding

The Easiest Way to get Started in Documentary Film Making

When you download your free copy of Producing the Documentary Part 1, you get:

  • Why Make a Documentary? — The very first question that every documentarian has to ask themselves. Why do you want to make a documentary? We’ll briefly discuss why documentaries are becoming so popular and what makes them the perfect form to tell certain stories.
  • Is Your Story Compelling? — Not every story will work as a documentary. We’ll quickly discuss what you should think about when deciding whether a story is worthy of being made into a documentary.
  • Tell me a Story — You may really want to tell this particular story, but could it capture an audience? What makes a story exciting? We’ll discuss how a story should hold your documentary together.
  • Putting it Together, Bit by Bit — What can you put in a documentary? Everything! Everything and anything that helps your story come to life is fair game, you just need a way to put it all together logically. We’ve got a little trick for doing that…
  • Dramatic Structure — Drama? That’s just for fiction, right? Wrong! You may be telling a true story, but you still need to find ways to hook an audience.
  • Tone and Treatment — Not all documentaries look the same, so you need to think about what style is best for your subject matter.
  • An Emotional Center — The single most important element of an documentary, would you believe how many aspiring filmmakers forget all about this?
  • Formulating a Plan —Now we’re getting somewhere! Once you have an idea about how you want your documentary to look, it’s time to think about how you can achieve that.
  • Go Find some Funding — The sad reality is that even the most artistic filmmakers always need to think about the budget. We’ll show you how to get started finding the money to turn your dream into a reality.

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