Videomaker Making Music Videos DVD

Rock the Music World with your Own Music Video.

You can create a hit video with Videomaker‘s “Making Music Videos.” Find the right concept and your video will appeal to audiences and show off the music to its best ability. But that’s only the first step. You’ll also need to understand the nuts and bolts of putting the video together, how to direct musicians, how to edit for music and even how to protect yourself from industry sharks with an ironclad contract. Whether you’re having fun with your garage band or seriously pursuing a recording gig, “Making Music Videos” has all the info you’ll need to create music videos that rock.You can’t get away from it, every song needs a music video these days. The music video is the best way to grab listeners’ attention and bring any song to a larger audience. If you’ve ever wanted to walk down the street and overhear people listening to your music on their headphones, then you need to understand this vital tool to pump up any song’s popularity. The very earliest music videos often featured simple stage performances by the band, but it wasn’t until the advent of MTV in the early 80s that music videos really came into their own. From the very first video shown, the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” it was obvious that music videos were going to be huge. Today, you can’t make a hit without a video.

Videomaker‘s “Making Music Videos” guides you through the complete process from start to finish, so you can understand everything that goes into making a great music video:

  • Choosing a Music Video Genre – Are you shooting a hard rock anthem or a bluesy folk song? A country ballad or a hiphopra? Understand how the different genres of music video and which one is right for your music.
  • Forming Ideas for Music Videos – Having trouble coming up with a concept? You can find inspiration anywhere. We’ll show you a few secrets to get your brain pumping.
  • Contracts for Music Videos – Probably more than any other kind of video, music videos are one place where you will want to be especially careful to keep everything legal. Everyone knows horror stories about bands getting exploited by savvy record companies because they didn’t think to protect themselves with a solid contract. You’ll want to make sure that your video work is protected just as strongly as the music it showcases.
  • Pre-Production for Music Videos – You’re almost ready now. Learn the final steps you need to take before you start shooting. Learn how to set up your location, fix make-up and wardrobe, and how to prep the talent for the big shoot.
  • Directing Music Video Shoots – The only thing harder than directing actors is directing musicians!Your talented free spirits may know a lot about making music, but you’re the only who knows how to make that music come alive in a video. We’ll show you how to handle your actors and musicians so that the video comes out looking (and sounding) professional.
  • Editing Music Video – Learn how to organize your edit, build your rough cut, and add effects to your project so that your video will impress your client.

Even a totally kickin’ song won’t go far without a snazzy music video. You can be the one to create that video. Whether you’re trying to promote your own music or working on commission for another artist, you’ll find everything you need to make the music video of your dreams in Videomaker‘s latest DVD offering.