Video Lighting

Lighting Tutorial DVD

Don’t leave your stars in the dark!
Learn lighting fast with this Videomaker tutorial

Video lighting is an essential, but often overlooked aspect of video production. If you haven’t paid much attention to video lighting in the past, learning good video lighting techniques is a fast way to have a major impact on improving the quality of your videos. In our new Video Lighting DVD, we make no assumptions about your previous knowledge or experience. Each segment walks you methodically step-by-step through the process in a variety of lighting situations. These easy to follow tutorials can be played on any DVD player so you can watch them at the time you need to learn how to set up lighting for a given situation.

The segments on this DVD include:

  • 3 Point Lighting – A step-by-step tutorial on creating the most common lighting setup used by professionals to properly light their subjects, before shooting video.
  • How to Use Back Lighting – How to use window lighting for a back light. Also, learn how back lighting is used to conceal identity along with other specialty lighting techniques.
  • Lighting Set Ups – How to apply four styles of lighting. Learn how to use Rembrandt, beauty, cameo and filling from the key side, to enhance your video’s look and feel.
  • Interview Lighting – Often, you only have one chance for an interview. This segment gives you the instructions you need to set up lighting for an interview using multiple cameras.
  • Green Screen Lighting – Half the battle of getting the perfect key is the lighting. In this segment, we show you how to create a perfect chroma key, by mastering lighting for a green screen.
  • Outdoor and DFN Lighting – Solutions to outdoor lighting problems that you might encounter on a sunny day, and secrets to lighting believable day-for-night shoots (DFN).

This DVD is likely to be the handiest DVD in your video education library. You can refer to it time and time again whenever a particular lighting situation comes up. This DVD makes video lighting easy to learn and easy to apply. Proper video lighting is essential, and has a huge impact on the perception of the quality of your videos. Don’t let a lack of knowledge in video lighting be the weak link in your video creating skills, especially since you can easily develop these skills by viewing the tutorials on this DVD for only $24.95. Raise your level of confidence in your ability to light a video correctly using any of the scenarios presented in the six segments. Order the DVD today and learn to light your video like a professional.