Lighting Toolkit

Learn Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Lighting…
but Were Afraid to Ask!

What comes in this toolkit?

  • Advanced Lighting Downloadable DVD
  • Light It Right Downloadable DVD
  • Video Lighting Downloadable DVD
  • Lighting Film Noir Style eDoc
  • Lighting Gels eDoc
  • Foldable Videography Tip Sheet eDoc
  • One Light Wonder eDoc
  • Night Lighting eDoc
  • Interview Lighting VOD
  • Lighting Setups VOD
  • Outdoor and Day for Night Lighting VOD

All for just $64.95!

Bad lighting? No problem!

Bad lighting is the bane of videographers everywhere. Whether it’s too much light washing out your colors or not enough shadows hiding your actors, poor lighting demands your attention and there’s no more obvious mark of an amateur production.

For too long, too many video creators have struggled to get lighting just right. Everyone needs a little help to conquer this tricky beast. That’s why Videomaker has put together the Lighting Toolkit, your complete guide to the world of lighting. Absolutely bursting at the seams with helpful information, this comprehensive collection will answer all your burning lighting questions. Become a lighting savant when you have access to the collected knowledge of all Videomaker‘s lighting experts!

All the Answers for Only $64.95!

Videomaker‘s Lighting Toolkit has been updated, beefed up with twice as much material, making it the perfect gift for the video enthusiast on your shopping list. This is what you will learn in this concise combination of 3 training courses and 5 eDocs and 3 video-on-demand downloads:

Advanced Lighting DVD

Advanced Lighting Downloadable DVD

  • Setting Up a Studio – What do you need when you’re setting up a studio? Learn what to look for in size, electricity, and sound.
  • Studio Lighting – Your studio lighting can look professional with the right lamps, fixture types and room dimensions. We’ll show you how!
  • Product Lighting – Want people to buy your product? A little lighting know-how can go a long way to making anything from a basket of fruit to a used car look irresistible.
  • Lighting Car Interiors – Inside a car is one of the hardest spaces to light for video. Learn how to light it right inside a cramped space where big lamps won’t fit!
  • Lighting Night Scenes – Outdoor night scenes can be especially tricky because bright obvious lamps can easily ruin the illusion of night. We’ll show you how to use a light touch so your audience believes the action is taking place in the dark.
  • Lighting Wide Shots – Lighting a wide shot is difficult if your lamps can’t reach the entire area. We’ll show you how to solve this problem, so that your widest angle shots still look uniformly good.
Light it Right

Light It Right Downloadable DVD

  • Light Theory – You’ve got to know the basics. Why not start here with a lesson on the basic principles of lighting theory, from color temperature to white balance.
  • Tools and Terms of Lighting – There are a number of lights and lighting kits available today. Learn how they can help you make the videos you’re after.
  • Studio Lighting – Don’t let lighting issues deter you from shooting in dark settings. Learn some pointers from our experts, and start creating the videos you want – no matter where you are.
  • Indoor Daytime Lighting – Use the tools around you to create effective lighting indoors. Learn how to determine available light sources, and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • Outdoor Daytime Lighting – Learn how to overcome the lighting obstacles you’re likely to face when shooting outside during daylight hours.
  • Outdoor Nighttime Lighting – Shooting at night brings new challenges to the videographer. Master the principles of night shooting with some tips from our experts.
Video Lighting

Video Lighting Downloadable DVD

  • A step-by-step walkthrough of lighting setups – Learn about the different light types and styles to chose a technique that fits your needs.
  • 3 Point Lighting – A step-by-step tutorial on creating the most common lighting setup used by professionals to properly light their subjects, before shooting video.
  • How to Use Backlighting – How to use window lighting for a back light. Also, learn how backlighting is used to conceal identity along with other specialty lighting techniques.
  • Lighting Set Ups – How to apply four styles of lighting. Learn how to use Rembrandt, beauty, cameo and filling from the key side, to enhance your videos look and feel.
  • Interview Lighting – Often, you only have one chance for an interview. This segment gives you the instructions you need to set up lighting for an interview, using multiple cameras.
  • Green Screen Lighting – Half the battle of getting the perfect key is the lighting. In this segment, we show you how to create a perfect chroma key, by mastering lighting for a green screen.
  • Outdoor and DFN Lighting – Solutions to outdoor lighting problems encountered on a sunny day, and secrets to making believable day-for-night shoots (a.k.a. DFN or Day For Night lighting).

We hope you agree this is a great value on a great way to learn video lighting at home, if you need additional reasons to buy the Lighting Toolkit, read on!

5 Feature eDocs

In addition to the training courses you will also receive several eDocs and videos. You can download all 5 of the eDocs and all 3 VODs immediately. Here is what you will learn on the eDocs you can download today:

Lighting Film Noir

Lighting Film Noir Style eDoc

  • How to create crisp shadows to give your viewers a horror effect.
  • Exactly how to place the lights to achieve the Film Noir Effect.
  • How to add in fog or smoke in combination with lighting for greater intensity.

Lighting Gels

Lighting Gels eDoc

  • Tips for adding incredible depth and interest in your video just by adding color to your scene.
  • Where to get gels for video lighting.
  • Methods for attaching gels to lights.
  • Ways to position lights in order to get a desired effect.

One Light Wonder

One Light Wonder eDoc

  • Take a look at different ways to use one or no lights to create beautifully lit scenes.
  • Using mirrors.
  • Using reflectors.
  • Using solid lighting techniques.

Tip Sheet

Foldable Videography Tip Sheet
This handy, pocket-sized reference is perfect for when you have a question in the middle of shooting. Videomaker‘s cheat sheet is made to help you in your hour of direst need – when you’re right in the thick of a shoot and you don’t have the time to look up answers online. Take a look at different ways to use one or no lights to create beautifully lit scenes.

  • Tips for Shooting Video.
  • Camera Controls.
  • Lighting Tips.
  • Audio Recording Tips.
  • Talent Release Form.
  • Camera Menu Items.
  • Location Checklist.
  • Packing Checklist.

Night Lighting

Night Lighting eDoc

  • Learn how to light night scenes to look realistic yet still record a good image.
  • F-stops.
  • Outdoor lights.
  • Lighting indoor sets to look like moonlight.

3 VODs

3 Training Videos

  • Interview Lighting.
  • Lighting Setups.
  • Outdoor and Day for Night Lighting.

These easy to understand training courses, eDocs and VODs are the fastest way to bring your skills up to expert level. You will learn to how to correctly light for video production in almost any given situation. If purchased separately, all these learning tools would cost $118.59. As a special combination, we are offering the Downloadable DVDs and all of the eDocs for $64.95, saving you 42% off the regular price. Don’t get caught in the dark on video lighting. Order now and start your way to becoming an expert today!