Light It Right DVD

Light it Right

Master the Art of Video Lighting.

It’s been said that a videographer paints with light as an artist uses a brush. Lighting video can involve a great deal of creativity, and doing it well can be as satisfying as writing a great script or getting the perfect shot. Many people do not think of video lighting as an art, but once you become familiar with the theory, methods, and techniques, you may find it to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of making video.

For those who take great pride in their work, Videomaker has created Light It Right . This training video will teach you everything you need to know about how light affects video, and how to use lighting equipment and camera controls to get the effect you desire.

Here are some of the topics covered.

    Light it Right

  • Light Theory – You’ve got to know the basics. Start here with a lesson on the basic principles of lighting theory, from color temperature to white balance.
  • Lighting Tools – There are a number of lights and lighting kits available today. Learn how they can help you create the videos you’re after.
  • Studio Lighting – Don’t let lighting issues deter you from shooting in dark settings. Learn pointers from our experts, and start creating the videos you want – no matter where you are.
  • On Location Lighting – Learning how to light for your shoots anywhere and everywhere is the largest skill to master when creating professional looking video.
  • Nighttime Lighting – Learn how to overcome the lighting obstacles you’re likely to face when shooting during nighttime hours.
  • Lighting a Green Screen – We show you the best way to set up for lighting a green screen and lighting the subject in front of it.
  • Fluorescent and LED – Cool, bright and low-power, fluorescents and LEDs change the way lighting is used. Learn the best way to use these exciting lighting technologies.

You can learn everything you need to know to begin practicing the art of great video lighting just by viewing this training video in your living room, and in just one sitting. It will teach you to think like a video lighting professional. Develop the ability to walk into any room and quickly identify what needs to be done to create the ideal lighting set up for your video. Order the Light It Right training video today for $24.95 and discover the many ways you can create and control the lighting for your video. Available in DVD and digital downloadable formats.