The Ghosts of Edits Yet To Be

The Ghosts of Edits Yet To Be

Ever wonder how Hollywood creates transparent ghosts
or the headless bodies that creep through the night?

People remember the movies that evoke strong emotions such as fear, surprise and shock. In the eDoc Ghosts of Edits Yet to Be, we explain the process of creating classic horror effects that, if used correctly, deliver a shot of adrenaline to your viewers.

In this eDoc You learn:

  • How to use green screen effects to create headless characters.
  • How to bring a subject back from the dead as a semi-transparent spirit.
  • Compositing techniques for inserting objects into a scene after it’s been shot.

In the eDoc, Ghosts of Edits Yet To Be, we take you step-by-step through the process of creating these effects. Once you know the process, you can add a touch of the supernatural into your own videos. Download this eDoc for only $3.49, and master these techniques today!