Videomaker How To Fix Greenscreen Problems Video

How to Fix Green Screen Problems

Videomaker's How To: Fix Green Screen Problems

Finally, a way to create green screen shots that are compelling and as real as possible.

  • Rough and Discolored Edges – Fix the blemished edges that occur from pulling an initial key.
  • Unwanted Green and Spill – Use keylights, spill suppressors, and curves to remove the green spill from unintentionally falling on your subjects.
  • Subject Doesn’t Match the Background – Make your subject’s appearance flawless with proper positioning, color correction, and lightwrap.
  • Source Footage has a Camera Move – Learn how to track motion in your shot, sync your background, stabilize shaky footage, and manually keyframe motion.
  • Multi-Layered Keys and Rotoscoping – Demonstrates multi-layered keys and how to use masks to rotoscope your subject.
  • Fixing Uneven Lighting and Unwanted Objects for Green Screen – In this segment, we show you how to remove unwanted objects from your footage, and key out a background that has uneven lighting.

Videomaker’s How to Fix Green Screen Problems instructional video is available in DVD format or as a digital download!