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You already know to trust Videomaker as your source for all the best video training and tutorials — but don’t you hate waiting by the mailbox for your DVDs to arrive? Us too! That’s why we’ve started offering Videomaker‘s favorite training DVD as instant downloads. No more long waits, no more shipping costs, now you can watch an entire DVD instantly.

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Let’s start with four downloadable DVDs to whet your appetite:

Documentary Storytelling — Don’t think you can point a camera at the street and by pure luck the next “King of Kong” or “Thin Blue Line” will unfold right before your eyes. Great documentaries don’t just happen; they’re meticulously crafted. At the heart of every good documentary, there’s a story aching to be told. Find your story and your documentary will fall into place; this DVD guide can help. Learn about:

  • Story Basics
  • Story Structure
  • The Approach
  • Researching the Story
  • Finding the Story
  • Controlling Time

Wedding Videography — To be a professional wedding videographer, you need to show up prepared to do it right. You don’t need expensive equipment or an impressive degree; all it takes is a little preparation to make sure everything goes smoothly – and Videomaker’s Wedding Videography DVD will make sure you can handle every curve ball the big day might throw at you. Recipient of a 2011 Educational Video Telly Award, this six-part training DVD covers every aspect of the wedding, giving you the inside scoop on the extra details that separate the serious wedding videographer from the amateur with a camera.

  • Legalities
  • Pre-Ceremony
  • Audio
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Post-Production

Light it Right — Lighting video can involve a great deal of creativity, and doing it well can be as satisfying as writing a great script or getting the perfect shot. Many people do not think of video lighting as an art, but once you become familiar with the theory, methods, and techniques, you may find it to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of making video. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know about how light affects video:

  • Light Theory
  • Lighting Tools
  • Studio Lighting
  • On Location Lighting
  • Nighttime Lighting
  • Lighting a Green Screen
  • Fluorescent and LED

Basic Video Editing — In order to take your video editing skills to the next level, you really need a mentor, someone who has already figured it out and knows what they are doing. Don’t waste time going down the wrong path, only to be frustrated later. Let us teach you how the pros do it.

  • Editing Tools
  • Editing Techniques
  • Editing Audio
  • Transitions
  • Titles and Backgrounds

Advanced Lighting for Video — This program gives you tips on setting up a studio, how to cleverly light products, how to light car interiors, ways to get over the challenge of lighting at night, and how to hide your fixtures when shooting a wide shot. Using this knowledge, you should be able to light scenes that look as good as those in the movies!

  • Setting up a Studio
  • Studio Lighting
  • Product Lighting
  • Lighting Car Interiors
  • Lighting Night Scenes
  • Lighting Wide Shots

How To: Make Video Look Like Film — All video professionals and indie filmmakers put a great deal of effort into their final product. If you want to go a step beyond and achieve that pinnacle of video nirvana known as “The Film Look, this DVD explains why film and video have such different appearances. Learn everything from choosing a camera to using the right lighting for your project, as well as how to create a unique look for your project in post production using color correction and color grading..

  • Defining the Film Look
  • Choosing a Camera
  • Frame Rates and Interlacing
  • Lighting
  • Color Correction
  • Color Grading and Shot Matching

Making Music Videos — Music videos are full of potential. They can help make a name for an artist, and can also launch the video producer to stardom as well. To help get your career started weve compiled a visual step-by-step guide to forming ideas for music videos, how to draw up contracts in order to stay legal, and what to consider when preparing for, directing, and editing an innovative and imaginative production that both you and your client can enjoy..

  • Choosing a Music Video Genre
  • Forming Ideas for Music Videos
  • Contracts for Music Videos
  • Pre-production for Music Videos
  • Directing Music Video Shoots
  • Editing Music Videos

How To: Do it Yourself Video Equipment — If you’re the kind of shooter who always wants the latest and greatest tools, but you have more time than money, dont worry; weve got your back. In this DVD, youll find that a little know-how and an afternoon trip to the hardware store can help you add polish and professionalism to your next production. Eventually, you may want to spring for top of the line, professionally built gear, but until then, its worth your time to do it yourself!

  • How to Make Your Own Matte Box
  • How to Make Your Own Table Top Dolly
  • How to Make Your Own Boom Pole, Blimp, and Windscreen
  • How to Make Your Own Car Mount
  • How to Make Your Own DSLR Camera Rig