Videomaker Documentary Storytelling Video

Apply the Principles Outlined in Videomaker's Documentary Storytelling Video and Create a Compelling Documentary People Will Want to Watch

Too many beginners think that a documentary is easier to make than a fiction film.

Videomaker's Documentary Storytelling Video
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Don’t make the common mistake of thinking you can point a camera at the street and by pure luck the next “King of Kong” or “Thin Blue Line” will unfold right before your eyes. The truth is that great documentaries don’t just happen; they’re meticulously crafted. At the heart of every good documentary, there’s a story aching to be told. Find your story and your documentary will fall into place; this training video can help.

Learn all you’ll need to know about:

  • Story Basics – What makes a good documentary? This segment will show you the elements you need to build a compelling story that will move your audience to laugh and cry and applaud. Learn how to weave a narrative using theatrical principles like theme, character and dramatic arc.
  • Story Structure – Once you’re satisfied that you’ve found a subject with story potential, how do you make it all hold together? Here’s how to turn a jumble of unscripted, real-life events into a coherent, three-act story.
  • The Approach – “The Civil War” is sombre and epic; “Supersize Me” is light-hearted and witty. What approach works best for your subject? Learn about the different genres of documentary and find out which approach best fits your ideas.
  • Researching the Story – You know there’s a story there, but how do you draw it out for your audience to see? What questions should you ask to get your interviewees to reveal their hidden depths? Where can you find the best background info to give your documentary some context? Learn all that and more!
  • Finding the Story – Sometimes the story that you set out to tell is different from the one you end up finding. You have to be willing to chase after the best story no matter where it goes. After watching this DVD, you’ll recognize the best possible story when you see it in any subject.
  • Controlling Time – If your doc drags, your audience will fall asleep. But if it rushes ahead, they won’t have time to absorb anything it says. In this segment, you’ll learn how to strike a balance between excitement and education.

Bonus Material
Videomaker‘s Documentary Storytelling also contains bestselling eDocs covering a wide range of video production techniques essential for creating professional quality documentaries!

  • Audio Compression – Learn to squeeze down your sound to fit on DVDs, Blu-Ray and Digital TV without losing any quality!
  • Creating Characters – Use these simple theater tips to get your subjects to reveal their inner stories!
  • Depth of Field – Find the best way to draw your audience’s eyes to the intended part of your shot!
  • 3 Point Lighting – Understanding this simple but essential lighting set-up will help make your interviews stand out!
  • Video Editing Planning – Don’t forget your B-Roll! See how this extra footage can save your life in the editing room!

This training video is key to creating a compelling, coherent documentary.

Making a film that grabs an audience’s interest – while staying true to the facts – is a unique challenge that requires just as much planning as any Hollywood fairytale. Rise to the challenge with Videomaker‘s Documentary Storytelling, your complete guide to turning any dry footage into a gripping story.