Documentary eBook


Get the inside scoop from an award winning documentary maker

In the process of making a documentary there are many decisions to be made along the way.

Fear of making a wrong decision or not having enough resources to complete the project can lead to hesitation, and the stall of progress. At Videomaker we know that this can happen to anyone who is embarking into unfamiliar territory.

That’s why Videomaker asked award-winning videographer and seasoned documentary filmmaker Randal K. West to create a concise yet comprehensive guide on the producer’s end of making documentaries for first-timers. In the eBook Documentary Film Making he takes you through the process of making a documentary and provides an abundance of knowledge, insights and personal experiences along the way.

What You Will Learn in Section 1 – Developing a Story

  • Preparing a brief to obtain financing.
  • How to pick the right genre to fit your documentary.
  • Where to find the footage and facts to support your story.
  • Creating a script to keep everyone focused and on task.
  • How to create a step outline that becomes your road map to success.

What You Will Learn in Section 2 – Developing Characters

  • How to find the real story within the documentary and bring it to life.
  • Putting your interview subjects at ease.
  • Techniques for getting your subjects to come alive with emotion.
  • The best camera angles to use for an interview.
  • Using themes to keep your audiences attention.

What you will learn in Section 3 – Access

  • How to get people to agree to an interview.
  • The key to protecting your ownership rights to your content.
  • Way to find funding and sell your idea to investors.
  • How to budget your documentary.
  • Where to find great sources for royalty free background music.

Few other communication forms have the power to reveal a unique perspective, capture imagination and even motivate change. Your idea for a documentary is a story likely to remain just an idea until you begin. Get started now with the knowledge and experience of Randal K. West an award winning documentary maker by downloading the Documentary Film Making eBook today!