Documentary Bundle


Bring History to Life by Learning The Ken Burns Effect

The use of photos in any video project is an effective way to take someone into the past. As you do research for your documentary, it’s likely you will find photos that will be a perfect aid for telling your story. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the ability to include pictures in video is an essential skill for a documentarian. That’s why we have developed special bundle multimedia tutorials and eDocs to take your abilities far beyond a basic lifeless dead-on shot. Here is what you will learn.

Multimedia tutorial #1 – 2.5d Animation video and eDoc.

  • Tricks you can use to add zing to your photos.
  • Making your photos appear to jump off the page.
  • Giving a 3D look to your images.

Multimedia tutorial #2 – Perfecting the Scan and Pan Effect.

  • How to import your photos into an editing program.
  • Using editing software to make photos move across the screen.
  • How to properly zoom in and out of photos.

eDoc – Making Family History Videos.

  • Tips for organizing your pictures.
  • Making sure you keep your viewer’s attention.
  • Setting a criteria for inclusion of photos.

Special Bonus!

We’ve also includedThe Zoom In and Flyover Effect,an exclusive bonus from the editors of Videomaker. Unavailable anywhere else, this video features Brian and Jennifer discussing and demonstrating a different way to present your photos and artifacts rather than the usual pan and scan effect. Add a whole new level of interest and sophistication to what might otherwise be a dull, static montage with this little-known technique.

These tutorials demonstrate how to add flare to your photos with the use of Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Regardless of the editing software you use, the principles remain the same. Learn how to use pan and scan techniques to give life and movement to what otherwise would be lifeless full-frame shots of a picture. Download this bundle today and soon you will have the ability to add photographs in a way that greatly enhances your viewer’s experience.