Build your own Video Gear in a Snap

Videomaker Do It Yourself Video Equipment

Videomaker Do It Yourself Video Equipment

If you’re the kind of shooter who always wants the latest and greatest tools, but you have more time than money, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this DVD, you’ll find that a little know-how and an afternoon trip to the hardware store can help you add polish and professionalism to your next production. Eventually, you may want to spring for top of the line, professionally built gear, but until then, it’s worth your time to do it yourself!

Become a video MacGyver when you use these ingenious fixes!

In the old TV series “MacGyver,” special agent MacGyver was famous for being able to build anything he needed out of the materials available. Give him a rubber band and a wad of chewing gum and he could set the world on fire. With this training DVD, you can be your own personal MacGyver. True, we can’t show you how to do EVERYTHING that MacGyver did — we’re still not sure how he saved that village only using the moon’s gravitational pull — but we’ll show you some quick fixes that can make your videos look professional without spending a ton of money. How can you make a working camera matte with cardboard and glue? How can you make a DSLR camera rig out of PVC pipe and a mousepad? How about making a table top dolly out of roller blade wheels and a rubber mallet? Don’t believe it’s possible? We’ll show you exactly how you can make it a reality!

Videomaker Do It Yourself Video Equipment includes:

  • How to Make your Own Matte Box – You want to keep excess light away from your camera lens or you’re going to blind your audience. Big studios use a piece of equipment called a matte box to do this. They spend a lot of money to buy matte boxes, but you can make one at home out of regular household items. Your audience won’t know you did it on the cheap — they’ll just be happy that you got results. We’ll show you how to assemble a simple and inexpensive matte box to keep your shots free of stray light and looking clean and pristine.
  • How to Make your own Table Top Dolly – Trying to replicate that smooth, rolling shot that only a dolly can produce? You’re used to seeing the word “dolly” in the credits of major Hollywood movies, and for good reason: It’s the best way to get smooth, all-angles shots that really wow an audience. That might make you think the dolly is beyond your reach as a small time movie maker. Think again! We’ll help you build the body, axles, wheels, and camera mount for a table top dolly that can help add both character and dimension to your next production.
  • How to Make your own Boom Pole, Blimp, and Windscreen – You know it, we know it: Good video is all about good sound. How many times have the Videomaker editors warned you that audiences will not stand for jittery, muffled audio? You need to be extra careful when you’re putting together your sound gear, but who would have thought that homemade gear could be as good as store bought? Begin your quest for quality audio by making your very own microphone boom pole and windscreen using materials from any hardware store.
  • How to Make your own Car Mount – Car shots can be really tricky or almost impossible to capture without a car mount, so thank goodness this piece of equipment also has an easy DIY counterpart. To help you with your car shots, we show you how to build your own cheap, quick and SAFE car mount using simple and inexpensive materials. This reliable set-up is a boon to any moviemaker shooting moving cars. (It’s also the one that most impresses our friends, so you might want to show it off too!)
  • How to Make your own DSLR Camera Rig – Quality video requires a stable shot – something that’s difficult to get without using a quality stabilizer. Nobody likes watching shaky footage, and your audience won’t come away with a very high opinion of your work if you end up making them seasick. This video shows you how to build your own camera rig so you can get the solid, steady footage that you need.

There’s no way around it, video equipment is expensive. And when you’re a small time videographer or indie filmmaker on a budget, it’s hard to justify these big expenses no matter how good they could make your final movie look. After all, what’s the good of purchasing high-end equipment if it completely drains your film budget so that you never even get a chance to complete your movie? We don’t think that anyone should have to break the bank before they even get started filming; “How to: Do it Yourself Video Equipment” will show you how to create quick, easy and cheap gear without going into debt.