Premiere Pro CS4 DVD-rom

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Get the Most Out of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
with this Complete Training DVD-Rom

Let the experts at Videomaker show you how to fully utilize your powerful editing suite with Complete Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. The task-focused lessons contained on this DVD-ROM walk you through the essential features of your editing software with lots of tricks to getting professional level video, fast. Content also covers the other significant programs contained within your studio suite. Learn how to edit, color correct, create sound effect tracks and scores, build motion graphics and special effects, then release on a professional-level DVD. All within your editing suite!

Since the interface, functions, and filters are the same between Premiere CS4 and CS5, you can use this series to prepare or learn about Adobe’s new software as well.

Learn everything you need to quickly and easily move from beginner to master editor.

We cover it all, in detail. All HD project files are included, so you use the same broadcast quality graphics and videos that the instructor uses, during the training. Learn to edit like a pro, regardless of past software experience. We will guide you through a series of information-packed lessons and show you how to add that elusive production polish that separates the professional from beginners.

Sections Include:

  • On Location
  • Starting a Project
  • Organizing Media
  • Sequences
  • Editing
  • Effects
  • Audio
  • Creating Titles
  • Output
  • Encore DVD
  • Dynamic Link

Premiere Pro CS4 DVD-rom

We cover it all, in detail.

Hosted by an Emmy Award-winning editor, this 8+ hour DVD-ROM shows you how to add that elusive production polish that defines the editing professional. Work along with the host using the same HD files he uses while demonstrating techniques for creating professional level video. Price: $149.95.