Creating Action Videos

Creating Action Videos

Add Some Action to the Mix

Creating Action Videos

Action and suspense videos are a thrill to watch and fun to make. Maybe you have ideas for adding an action scene in your videos, but ruled them out because of the cost and effort involved in staging them. What if you could keep your viewers on the edge of their seats without a major expense?

In our “Creating Action Video” Tips & Tricks DVD we will show you how to easily create intense gun battles, fight scenes, chase sequences, and shoot up cars without making a sound or doing any damage. Best of all, these techniques can be used by any home movie maker using standard video editing software.

These training tutorials contain essential knowledge for anyone interested in creating riveting action sequences. Remember, video is a visual medium. It’s the potential for visual storytelling that really sets it apart. Keep audiences interested by staging the best, most slam-bang-pow! action scenes.

Shooting Fight Scenes
How to use editing, continuity, and camera techniques to create a realistic and dramatic fight scene in your action video.
Gun Muzzle Flashes
Shoot up a car without any damage! How to use Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and other elements to create realistic bullet effects.
Action Scene Transitions
Learn how the pros edit an action scenes to add intensity while maintaining continuity.
The 24p Film-Look Effect
How to make your video look like film using 24p and post production editing techniques.
Compositing Sets with Images & Video
Tips on compositing video so your characters can seamlessly move in front of images inserted into your video.
Camera Angles & Techniques
A study of how camera angles and execution are used to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Bonus Material

In addition to the six videos we have included the following eDocs:

Camera Work: What’s Your Angle – Using different camera angles can make your video more dramatic and dynamic. This eDoc provides ideas and on how to convey new meanings with different angles.

How Low Can You Go? – Learn how to effectively capture shots from low angles to make an otherwise monotonous scene in to one of interest and intrigue.

Decoying Your Video To Look Like Film – Since film is generally reserved for those with expensive cameras and big budgets you can imply better quality by using the techniques in this eDoc to make your video look like film.

Don’t let a lack of resources limit your creativity! This DVD will show you how to add intense action scenes to your video without needing to spend a fortune on new equipment and props. Add excitement to your video by developing the repertoire of the skills you need to keep your viewers on the edge of their seats. Action and excitement have a magnetic effect. Once you have learned these skills, you will be able to utilize the magnetic effects of action and excitement to draw more people into your videos.