Join the Videomaker community

Join the Videomaker community

Videomaker brings you more than just great training materials, up-to-date video news and cutting-edge tech reviews:
It’s also a vibrant and growing community.

The Videomaker forums are home to some of the best and most in-depth discussions of all things video on the Internet. That’s because videographers know that this is the place to go when they want to meet and network with fellow professionals, up-and-coming enthusiasts and other folks in the business. We’re proud that our forums attract top videographers from around the country and globe, all eager to impart their hard-won video wisdom. Whether you’re a first timer just learning how to handle your camera or an old pro who’s just stumped by one little problem, the Videomaker forums are an indispensable resource for finding the answers you seek.

But the forums are only one small part of what Videomaker has to offer. Here are some other ways to get involved with the Videomaker community:

Videomaker Plus
Videomaker Plus is our premiere service that gives members access to even more ways to improve their video work. Get sneak peeks at upcoming issues weeks before they hit the news stands, special Members Only discounts on hot Videomaker merchandise, and exclusive access to our Expert Hotline – that gives you direct email access to Videomaker editors for answers to any questions you can think of! That’s not all by a long shot. Join now and get $10 slashed off the price of every webinar you attend. That means you only need to watch three webinars and membership has already paid for itself. With over 50 weekly webinars every year, you’ll have your choice of which ones you want to attend. To learn more, visit

Videomaker is on Facebook too! Friend us to get all the latest updates about what’s new from Videomaker. It’s the best way to keep abreast of all the latest developments, with reminders about upcoming webinars and workshops, job and freelance opportunities, and special offers just for Facebook friends. It’s also a great hub for video enthusiasts on Facebook, so drop in and get to know other people in the video business. What’s better than talking shop with someone who really gets where you’re coming from? Learn more at

If you’re a busy videographer on the go and just want the news now, check out our Twitter feed. We grab all the best video news of the day, so you can get it all in one place. All that plus updates on Videomaker events, job announcements, fun facts and more! It’s 140 characters jam packed with video goodness! Learn more at

Not interested in talking to people? We’ve got you covered too; our weekly eNews letter gives you all the straight dope on video news delivered right to the privacy of your own personal inbox. Learn from the latest Videomaker articles and blog posts Probably the single best resource for getting your video fix, eNews is a weekly video newsletter delivered right to your inbox. Learn more at

Videomaker Blogs
The Videomaker blogs are the best place to get news about new video equipment. Our editors give you the in-depth technical stats that you need to determine whether any camera, microphone or computer is the right one for you. They don’t go easy on this equipment in their reviews, so you can get honest assessments of all the latest video hardware and software. We Learn more at