Color Correction 101


Don’t be scared of Color Correction;
Videomaker’s easy-to-understand eDoc makes it a snap!

The ability to use the Color Corrector 3-way window is a very useful skill. With color correction, you can save an improperly shot scene, or improve one that is less than brilliant. Many video editors make a good living just specializing in color correction. Unfortunately, this tool can be a bit intimidating and most people need help realizing its full potential.

In Color Correction 101, we take a normally complex subject and walk you step-by-step through the same process the professionals use. Our tutorial will unlock the secrets to using this tool like a pro. Since this eDoc can be opened with any PDF reader, it takes up very little space, easily storing on a hard drive for future reference, as part of your digital library.

In this eDoc you will learn:

  • The best equipment for monitoring your work.
  • Where to find the color correction tool in your video editing software.
  • How to adjust the whites and mid-tones, using the color correction tool to get the effect you want.
  • The step-by-step insider tricks the professional use, when adjusting color.

If you’re not versed in how to use color correction, you can fill this void today by downloading this eDoc for just $3.49. This valuable skill could be worth thousands. We deliver it to you instantly, so you can acquire the knowledge you need now and have a reference source you can review on your own computer.